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Frontiers of Quantum Theory, The Young Academy, Berlin, 2008

Spring 2008: Lecturing at the Young Academy in Berlin

Some Retarded Studiers on 30-11-2006: with Gerardo, leaving to MPI Dresden, and Bahar.

And with Javier Loaiza

June 9, 2005: What a pleasure it is to offer or to receive a carefully selected gift.

Under the spell of Stochastic Electrodynamics.
With Luis de la Pena, Daniel Cole and Ana Maria Cetto, June 2005.

With Andrei Khrennikov, Cecilia Eriksson and Stig Stenholm. Organizers of
Quantum Theory: Reconsideration of Foundations-3, June 6-11, 2005, Vxj, Sweden

The co-members of The Institute for Retarded Studies:
Luca Leuzzi, Ruben Serral-Gracia, Armen Allahverdyan, Roger Balian, Theo N. and Gerardo Aquino,
celebrating Ruben's promotion, 25-11 2004.

in the garden of the Wallenstein Palace
Conference Frontiers of Quantum and Mesoscopic Thermodynamics, Prague, July 2004.


Lorentz workshop Hot topics in Quantum Statistical Physics: q-Thermodynamics, q-Decoherence and q-Motors, Leiden, August 2003


Cecam workshop on Brownian motors, Lyon, May 2002


It is not always easy to improve on your master thesis advisor
(but you must keep on trying)


Conference in Nor Amberd, Armenia, Summer 1997