Index (sorted by composers name)

Abel, Karl Friedrich
Sonata e minor => Ensemble with BC

Passamesso => renaissance lute

Allison, Richard
The Lord’s Prayer => Songs with lutetab

Si le parler => songs with lutetab
Ballet => renaissance lute
Volte => renaissance lute
Fantasia (siena) => renaissance lute
No 16 (siena) => renaissance lute
No 31 (siena) => renaissance lute
No 25 (siena) => renaissance lute
No 100 (siena) => renaissance lute
Robin from the green wood gone => renaissance lute
Ballet from Krakow ms.

Arbeau, Thoinot
Pavane Belle, qui tiens ma vie => songs with lutetab

Basse dance La Brosse  => renaissance lute
Basse dance Le corps s'en va  => renaissance lute
Basse dance Cueur angoisseux  => renaissance lute
Basse dance La Magdalena  => renaissance lute
Basse dance Patience  => renaissance lute
Gaillarde   => renaissance lute
Branle Poictou  => renaissance lute
Haulberroys  => renaissance lute
Lespoir  => renaissance lute
Pavane  => renaissance lute
Tant que vivray  => renaissance lute
Fortune laisse  => renaissance lute

Bach, Johann Sebastian
Prelude BWV999 => Renaissance Lute
Suite BWV997 => Renaissance Lute

Bacheler, Daniel
bacheler-johnson lutebook => Renaissance Lute

Bacilly, Benigne
Mon sort est digne => Songs with BC

Ballard, Robert
Entrée de luth 1 => Renaissance Lute
Entrée de luth 2 => Renaissance Lute
Entrée de luth 3 => Renaissance Lute
Entrée de luth 4 => Renaissance Lute
Entrée de luth 5 => Renaissance Lute
Entrée de luth 6 => Renaissance Lute
Entrée de luth 7 => Renaissance Lute
Entrée de luth 8 => Renaissance Lute
Ballet de la Reyne => Renaissance Lute
Angelique dixieme => Renaissance Lute

Barre, Michel de la
Petite Passacaille => ensemble with BC

Bellinzani, P.B.
sonata III => Ensemble with BC
sonata IV => Ensemble with BC

Besard, Jean Baptiste
Courante => Renaissance Lute

Ballard, Robert

Boesset, Anthoyne
Divine Amarillis => songs with lutetab
Objet dont les charmes si doux => songs with lutetab

Byrde, William
My Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home => Renaissance Lute

Caccini, Giulio
Amor ch’attendi => songs with BC
Douro dunque morire? => songs with lutetab/BC

Campion, Thomas
Author of light =>songs with lutetab
Come cheerful day => songs with lutetab
Jack and Joan => songs with lutetab
Never weather beaten sail => songs with lutetab
The man of life upright => songs with lutetab
Tune thy music to thy heart => songs with lutetab
View me Lord, a work of thine =>songs with lutetab
Wise men patience never want =>songs with lutetab

Camus, Sebastien
Amour, cruel amour => songs with BC
Que vous flattez mes reveries => songs with BC

Castaldi, Bellerofonte
Branle – quella crudel => songs with lutetab(theorbo)

Cavendish, Michael
Wandring in this place => songs with lutetab

Haest uw o’ Herderkens => songs with lutetab
Herders hy is gheboren => songs with lutetab

Couperin, François
Les Bergeries => theorbo

DaCrema, I.M.
Recercar ottavo => Renaissance Lute

Dalitio, Christofero
O felici => renaissance lute
Gavotta alla francese => archlute

Dalitz, Christoph
Greensleeves Variations => Renaissance Lute
Maria durch ein dornwald ging => Renaissance Lute
Aria di volte => Renaissance Lute

Dowland, John
A shepheard in a shade => songs with lutetab
Can she excuse my wrongs => songs with lutetab
Come again => songs with lutetab
Flow my tears => songs with lutetab
Fortune, my foe => Renaissance Lute
If my complaints could passions move => songs with lutetab
Mrs. Vaux's Gig => Renaissance Lute
My lord Willoughby's welcome home => Renaissance Lute
Semper dowland, semper dolens => Renaissance Lute
Prelude => Renaissance Lute

Falconiero, Andrea
Brando dicho el Melo => ensemble with BC
Il Spiritillo brando => ensemble with BC
Corrente detta l'avellina => ensemble with BC

Fontana, Giovanni Batista
sonata no. 2 => ensemble with BC
sonata no. 16 => ensemble with BC

Fox, le
Branle de Poitou => ensemble with lutetab

Francisque, Antoine
Premier branle de Poitou => Renaissance Lute
All branles simples => Renaissance Lute

Fuhrmann, Georg Leopold
Testudo Gallo-Germanica => Renaissance Lute

La spritata => Renaissance Lute

Courante par Gautie (L. de Moy) => Renaissance Lute

Giordani, Giuseppe
Caro mio ben => Songs with BC

Guedron, Pierre
Belle qui m’avez blesse => songs with lutetab

Haym, N.F.
Sonata => Ensemble with BC

Holborne, Anthony
Fantasia => Renaissance Lute

Hove, Joachim van den
Susanneken => Renaissance Lute

Gavotte => Theorbo
Sarabande => Theorbo

Johnson, Robert
Almayne => Renaissance Lute

Kapsberger, Giovanni
Canario => theorbo
Corrente2 => Renaissance Lute
Corrente3 => Renaissance Lute
Corrente4 => Renaissance Lute
Corrente5 => Renaissance Lute
Corrente6 => Renaissance Lute
Corrente8 => Renaissance Lute
Corrente9 => Renaissance Lute
Corrente10 => Renaissance Lute
Corrente11 => Renaissance Lute
Corrente12 => Renaissance Lute
Galliard11  => Renaissance Lute
Suite => theorbo
Toccata6 => Renaissance Lute

Kuehnel, Augusto
Sonata no 11 => Ensemble with BC

Lambert, Michel
Par me chants => songs with BC
Je ne connais que trop que j'aime => songs with BC

Lanier, Nicolas
Neither sighs, nor tears, nor mourning => songs with BC
No more shall meads be deck’d with flow’rs => songs with BC

Machaut, Guillaume de
Chace II => ensemble with lutetab

Malfeyt, Philippe
Sabra => theorbo

Sonata  => ensemble with BC

Marini, Biagio
Sonata no1, op8 => ensemble with BC

Melli, Pietro Paolo
Preludio detta il Bavarante => archlute
Canzona Prima detta l’Astarosta => archlute

Mertel, Elias
Fuga no 24 => renaissance lute
Fuga no 79 => renaissance lute
Praeludium no 10 => renaissance lute
Praeludium no 15 => renaissance lute
Praeludium no 24 => renaissance lute
Praeludium no 25 => renaissance lute
Praeludium no 62 => renaissance lute
Praeludium no 105 => renaissance lute
Praeludium no 145 => renaissance lute
Phantasia no 9=>renaissance lute
Phantasia no 41=>renaissance lute

Milano, Francesco da
Fantasia => renaissance lute
Ricercare Ness no.4 => renaissance lute
Ricercare Ness no.14 => renaissance lute
Ricercare Ness no.16 => renaissance lute
Priambel > renaissance lute

Morlaye, Guillaume
Fantasie => Renaissance lute

Moy, Louys de
La Bergier => Renaissance Lute
Paduana d’Aurick => emsemble with lutetab

Narvaez, Luys de
Guardame las vacas => vihuela
Mille regrets => vihuela
Fantasia del primer tono => vihuela

Ortiz, Diego
Recercada Primera sobre Tenore => ensemble with lutetab
Recercada Segunda sobre Tenore => ensemble with lutetab

Paladin, Jean Paul
Fantasia prima => Renaissance Lute

Phalese, Pierre
Bransle gay => ensemble with lutetab

Piccinini, Alessandro
Passacagli => Renaissance Lute

Purcell, Henry
If music be the food of love => songs with BC
Man is for the woman made => songs with BC
Fairest Isle => songs with BC

Regnart, Jakob
Nun bin ich einmal frey => songs with lutetab
Venus, du und dein Kind => songs with lutetab

Robinson, Thomas
A toy for 2 lutes => renaissance lute

Rotta, Antonio
Ricercari => renaissance lute

Roy, Adrian de
Branle de Malte => ensemble with lutetab

Greensleeves divisions => ensemble with lutetab
Londonderry air => ensemble with lutetab

Vallet, Nicolas
Fortune angloise => Renaissance Lute
Malsimmes => Renaissance Lute

Visee, Robert de
Allemande => theorbo
La conversation, allemande => theorbo
Chaconne => Renaissance Lute
Suite => Renaissance Lute
Passacaille gm => ensemble with bc
Pastorale gm => ensemble with bc
Gavotte rondeau C => ensemble with bc
Sarabande la du haut menil Bb => ensemble with bc
La muzette C => ensemble with bc
Gigue C => ensemble with bc
Suite in Dm => ensemble with bc
Suite in Am => ensemble with bc