Tutorial on Judgment Aggregation at AAMAS-2013

Judgment aggregation deals with the question of how to amalgamate the judgments of several individual agents regarding the truth of a set of propositions into a consistent collective view. Originating in Philosophy and Economics, judgment aggregation has recently caught the attention of researchers in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. This is due not only to its appeal as a rich modelling framework for multiagent decision making, but also to the exciting algorithmic questions raised by it. This tutorial will provide an introduction to the field, covering topics such as the doctrinal paradox, the axiomatic method, impossibility theorems, the design of aggregation procedures, strategic manipulation, the complexity of judgment aggregation, and applications in multiagent systems. No specific background is required to follow the tutorial.

Further reading:

I have previously delivered shorter versions of this tutorial at WINE-2012 and at the IMS in Singapore. For additional material, consult the website of my course on computational social choice, given annually at the ILLC.