Running and Downloading Wellington 1.0

[This page is a little dated, but the system works. Please feel free to use it. -- U.E., September 2009]

Wellington 1.0 is the first public release (May, 2000) of the description logics based knowledge representation and reasoning system developed by the Group of Logic and Computation (now the Group of Logic, Language and Computation) at King's College London. It can be used to check the consistency of an ABox specified in the description logic ALC, to check a concept formula for consistency, or to check whether one concept formula subsumes another one. Wellington 1.0 is implemented in Java 1.2, which in theory should make it pretty platform-independent.

For all enquiries regarding the Wellington software please contact Ulle Endriss.

The Wellington 1.0 User Manual is available for download.

To run Wellington 1.0 online now you have the following options:

You may also choose to download Wellington and run it locally on your system. The entire program is contained in the Java archive wellington.jar.

If you want to run Wellington locally as an applet you have the following options:

Alternatively, you can also run Wellington as a Java application. This has the advantage that you will be able to save and open knowledge bases as files on your system (which, for security reasons, is not possible with the applet version).