Modelling and Simulation of
Multi-Physics Multi-Scale Systems

Instructions for the Speakers

June 6-9, 2004
Krakow, Poland

Oral Presentations

The total time of one presentation is 20 minutes sharp. Your talk should be about 15-minute long to allow time for questions.

The workshop room will be equipped with a PC (running Windows 2000, with MS Office 2000 at least) and a projector for your presentation. It's not clear yet if our computer will have all three: CD-ROM, floppy disk drive and USB port. But the PC in a lecture room will certainly be equipped with all the devices mentioned above. All computers will be connected to the local network and to the Internet.

All speakers should submit their presentations to the session chair not later than at the beginning of the coffee break before the session. Please check the Workshop Program.

Authors can use their personal laptops for the presentations. In this case please test the compatibility and resolution issues as soon as possible, but not later than during the coffee break before the session.


A poster board of A0 format (80 cm width x 120cm height) will be available for each poster presenter. You can put your poster on display any time starting from Monday morning, June 7, but not later than 10:50 Tuesday, June 8. Location is the workshop room. Do not bring your posters into the general ICCS poster room!

Each poster presenter will have to make a presentation/demo of up to 15 minutes during the dedicated poster/demo session (see the Workshop Program). The same equipment is available and the same rules apply as for oral presentations.


All the workshop sessions will be held in the Building D-10, 1st floor, Room 123. D-10 is the main ICCS-2004 conference building, located at the Faculty of Physics and Nuclear Techniques (Wydzial Fizyki i Techniki Jadrowej) of the AGH University of Science and Technology, ul. Reymonta 19, Krakow, Poland.

For information on how to get there please check the ICCS-2004 Venue pages. This map will help you finding the D-10 building.

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