Algebra|Coalgebra Project

This page concerns the NWO research project `Algebra and Coalgebra: the mathematical environments of modal logic', that is running at University of Amsterdam from September 2006 - December 2011 under the supervision of Yde Venema.

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Project description

The theory of modal logic has gained considerable momentum in recent years, and increasingly, tools and ideas from modal logic have found applications and generalizations in a wider area. These developments witness the fact that modal logic lies at a fault line of two similar but distinct branches of mathematics: algebra and coalgebra. Here algebra refers to the tradition in mathematical logic of taking a universal algebraic perspective on logic, with classes of algebras systematically encoding certain formal systems of logic. Coalgebra is a more recent contribution of theoretical computer science, with universal coalgebra being proposed a general mathematical framework for modelling state-based evolving systems such as transition systems or finite automata. Their interactions in the theory of modal logic are manifestations of a wider duality between algebra and coalgebra that is both intuitively useful and mathematically meaningful. More specifically, the research in the Algebra|Coalgebra project aims at (further) developing: Each of these research directions being characterized by a fascinating mix of algebraic and coalgebraic aspects, characteristic about the Algebra|Coalgebra project is that we approach with algebra and coalgebra operating in tandem.


Apart from the principal investigator of the project, Yde Venema, the Algebra|Coalgebra project is staffed by two post-doctoral researchers and three PhD students:


The A|C group runs a weekly seminar in which group members, guests, or invited speakers present their research: the A|C seminar.

Apart from this, the group organized a number of scientific events, of which the most important were:


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