Anil S. Baslamisli

PhD Student
University of Amsterdam

I am a PhD student at University of Amsterdam under the supervision of Prof. Theo Gevers. Currently, I am working on the Trimbot2020 project focusing on intrinsic image decomposition. My research interests include computer vision, color image processing, pattern recognition and machine learning.

I received my Master's Degree with distinction from Tampere University of Technology, Finland in 2016. I performed my thesis "Camera Sensor Invariant Auto White Balance Algorithm Weighting" under the supervison of Prof. Moncef Gabbouj, in collaboration with Intel. During my studies, I also carried out an internship at Microsoft Finland, where I worked on image sharpness optimization and auto white balance problems.

★ Our work "Joint Learning of Intrinsic Images and Semantic Segmentation" has been accepted to ECCV2018! arXiv pre-print is available at this link

★ Our work "Three for one and one for three: Flow, Segmentation, and Surface Normals" has been accepted to BMVC2018 as oral! arXiv pre-print is available at this link

Our work "CNN based Learning using Reflection and Retinex Models for Intrinsic Image Decomposition" was published in CVPR2018! Project page.