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titel On-line plan-generation for the MARIE-robot
omschrijving In the MARIE-architecture a task is specified as an AND/OR graph. The AND-nodes are used to specify sequences of required activities, OR-nodes are used to specify alternatives.

Alternative branches in a plan are a way to make the execution of a task more robust: depending on the conditions different activities are performed. Yet, fully specified alternatives make the graph quite large. This is not only a disadvantage concerning processing-time and memory usage, but also makes it difficult to verify a full graph.

Thw task for the student will be to replace the fully specified alternatives by commands for an on-line plan-generator. The candidate has to come with a design for such an on-line plan-generator, and has to show which efficiency is gained by this approach, and how many flexibility is lost.

The task can be decomposed into the following steps:

  1. Acquire a good overview of the state of the art in on-line plan-generation in autonomous systems.
  2. Review the current alternative braches in the MARIE-plans.
  3. Design an on-line plan-generator, including its command-interface.
  4. Implement and test this plan-generator.
  5. Evaluate the approach, compared with the old implementation and the state of the art.
It is strongly recommanded that the candidate has finished the course OOAS ('Ontwikkeling en Ontwerp van Autonome Systemen') succesfully.
keywords autonomous systems, robotica, control architecture, plan-generation
studie Kunstmatige Intelligentie
groep Computer Architecturen en Parallelle Systemen
aanvang 1 oktober 1999
plaats Intern
referenties Scriptie 'Een on-line planner voor MARIE'
comprimeerd postscript bestand (11 Mb) of pdf-bestand (7.6 Mb).
student Frank Terpstra
begeleider Arnoud Visser
einddatum 1 maart 2001

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