The Virtual Traffic Lab

An exploration of an environment to experiment with traffic applications


As the computing capacity grows steadily and continuously, there is a growing need for the right tools to aid scientists in using the available computing resources. The past few years the Grid has become the standard in this area. Although the Grid offers an unprecedented amount of resources, right now it lacks tools that aid the user in handling, analyzing and visualizing information flows. The University of Amsterdam tries to bridge this gap with the Gridbased Virtual Laboratory AMsterdam (VLAM-G). It offers a distributed analysis platform for applied experimental science and provides science portals for several domains.

In this thesis we describe such a portal for the traffic domain, called the Virtual Traffic Lab. We explore the possibilities of such an environment, where scientists can experiment with traffic applications. We have charted the requirements for a Virtual Traffic Lab based on the traffic tools that are currently in use. Several interfaces have been created between MatLab, an environment for mathematical computing, analysis and visualization, and VLAM-G to enable the integration of ADSSIM, a discrete event simulation environment for Automatic Debiting System simulations. Using these interfaces, we have designed and partially implemented a prototype traffic application called ADSSIM-VLAM. This prototype can execute a distributed traffic simulation based on user supplied parameters.

Although our prototype application shows the possibilities of VLAM-G for the traffic domain, the user still has to cope with low level details that ideally will be hidden in the future.

keywords: parallel computing, Grid, collaborative environment, Virtual Laboratory, traffic applications, simulation, MatLab, Simulink.


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View manual: how to create a custom VLAM module in Simulink.


Author: Joost Zoetebier ( ) Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems Group
Supervisor: Arnoud Visser ( ) Faculty of Science
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