ESPRIT II Project 2256 'ARCHON':

Architecture for Cooperative Heterogeneous On-Line Systems.

An early demonstration of the applicability of software agents.

The goal of the Archon project is the development of an architecture for cooperating intelligent control systems. The research at the Computer Systems Group has been concentrated at two aspects of such a system. One has been the development of a distributed architecture for information exchange, based on the 3DIS data modeling framework. A first version of this architecture has been implemented. The second aspect is the modeling of information present in control systems (in particular in the robotics area) with the aim of developing suitable representations for exchange of information between intelligent systems.


H. Asfsarmanesh, L.O. Hertzberger, F. Tuijnman, G. Wiedijk, A. Visser


Atlas Elektronik, Framentec, Queen Mary and Westfield College London, Volmac, EA Technology, Iberdrola, University of Athens, Amber, JRC Ispra, Labein, University of Porto, Iridia University Libre Bruxelles