ESPRIT II Project 5220 'CAR':

Calibration Applied to Quality Control and Maintenance in Robot Production

Low-cost system for measuring position and orientation of a robot's tool-center-point.

Within this project, calibration tools for robot quality control and maintenance have been developed and tested.

High precision is required for robot calibration, and this concerns, in particular, absolute accuracy in the positioning of robots so that off-line programming techniques can be used. Absolute positioning accuracy depends on the quality of the manufactured robot and the accuracy of the robot model used for motion control. To ensure quality manufacturing and to accurately identify robot model parameters, advanced measuring procedures and model-based parameter identification methods are required. These procedures and methods make up the techniques called "robot calibration".

Robot calibration can be described as a technique for modelling, measuring and identifying the characteristics of a serial linked development. An industrial robot calibration system which consists of automated procedures and equipment which do not require a technical knowledge of calibration theory for their use is now in the advanced stages of development.


G.D. van Albada, A. Visser, J.M. Lagerberg, Z. ZhongWei and L.O. Hertzberger


Fraunhofer-IPK, Kuka Schweissanlagen & Roboter GmbH, Leica LTD, Teighdeclar Genisis Teoranta