What I did

Visiting professor Fulbright grant Yale University 1987
City University Hong Kong 1996
ETL Tsukuba Japan 1998
University of Modena 2011
University of Cagliari 2012
University of Central Florida, 2013.
Honorary member NVPHBV, the Dutch branch of the IAPR 2002
Fellow Fellow of International Association of Pattern Recognition 2000
Chair of program (five selected) IEEE Conf on Multimedia systems, Florence 1999
Area chair for content based retrieval CVPR, Hawaii 2001
Challenge of image and video retrieval, CIVR, Dublin 2004
Congres Van Kijken naar Zien, IOP Beeldverwerking, Bussum, 2007
International Conference Multimedia ICME, Hanover 2008
University of Amsterdam Faculty board WINS for finance 1995-1996
Director of Informatics Institute 1996-2001
Director of the Computer Science curriculum 2002-2003
Director of various education programs 2003-2006
Director of ISLA 2004-2009
A founder of the Centre for Creative Content and Technology 2007
Associated editor Cytometry 1985 - 2002
IEEE transactions PAMI 1997 - 2001
Transactions Multimedia 2002 - 2008
Project coordinator VidiVideo, project in the EU FP6 program for audio visual search
Special issue editor Pattern Recognition Letters, special issue for E.S. Gelsema, 2001
Computer Vision Image Understanding, on similarity, 2002
International Journal on Computer Vision, on content based image retrieval, 2002
Chair organizing committee 1st International Workshop on Image Databases, Amsterdam, 1996
3rd International Conference on Visual Information Systems, Amsterdam, 1999
ICME-2005, International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, Amsterdam, 2005
Chair governing committee NVPHBV the Dutch chapter of the IAPR 1993 - 1998
TC-12 of the IAPR 1995 - 2000
General Chair European Conference of Computer Vision, Amsterdam, 2016