Current students:

  • Raoul Koudijs (PhD student, Univ. of Bergen, co-advising with Ana Ozaki).
  • Arunavo Ganguli (MSc Logic student, UvA).

Former PhD students:

  • Kun Qian (UC Santa Cruz, 2017, co-advised with Phokion Kolaitis and Wang-Chiew Tan): “Discovering Information Integration Specifications from Data Examples”. Currently senior machine learning researcher at Apple.
  • Richard Halpert (UC Santa Cruz, 2016, co-advised with Phokion Kolaitis): “Managing Inconsistencies in Data Exchange”. Currently software engineering manager at BD Life Sciences.
  • Amélie Gheerbrant (ILLC, 2010, co-advised with Johan van Benthem): “Fixed Point Logics on Trees”. Currently maître de conférences at the University of Paris (IRIF).

Former MSc thesis advisees:

  • Jesse Comer (MSc Logic student, UvA, 2023) “Homomorphism Counts, Database Queries, and Modal Logics”. A paper based on the thesis is accepted to appear in the Proceedings of AIML 2024. Jesse is currently a grad student at UPenn.
  • Patrik Sestic (MSc Logic, UvA, 2023): “Unique Characterisability of Linear Temporal Logic“.
  • Valentino Filipetto (MSc Logic, UvA, 2022): “Constructing Queries from Data Examples”. Currently software developer at Finaps.
  • Raoul Koudijs (MSc Logic, UvA, 2022): “Learning Modal Formulas via Dualities”. 🥇 2022 VvL Master’s Thesis Prize. A paper based on the thesis appeared in ACM Transactions on Computational Logic. Raoul is currently a PhD student at the University of Bergen.
  • Evangelos Tzanis (Msc Logic, UvA, 2005): “Algebraizing Hybrid Logic”. Currently a software engineer at the QuantLaw lab, King’s College, University of London.