Chris Ormel

Research Group Leader
Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy
University of Amsterdam (UvA)
The Netherlands

c.w.ormel AT uva DOT nl

News Flashes

September 2019

Move to Tsinghua University

In Fall 2019 I will join the Department of Astronomy at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, as an associate professor.

Tsinghua University is one of China's leading universities and a top 20 ranked university worldwide. The Department of Astronomy is one of its most recent additions.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to continue my research at Tsinghua.

June 2019

Simulating the Compositional History of the TRAPPIST-I Planets from A-Z

We have previously narrated a formation scenario for the TRAPPIST-1 system, based on pebble accretion. We have now followed this up with a numerical model by combining three types of codes: ...

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December 2018

A simple cloud model for exoplanets atmospheres

Cloud formation is complex, but schematically the picture is clear. High in the atmosphere the conditions have become such that vapor species can condensate on tiny seed particles (aerosols or nuclei). These cloud particles growth, through further condensation or coagulation, whereafter they are transported down by gravity. In big exoplanets, without a solid surface, the cloud species then re-evaporate in the hotter lower regions and the vapor can be transported upwards to fuel new clouds, completing the cycle

Modeling clouds requires a thorough understanding of ...

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September 2018

Where has all the carbon gone?

(Refractory) carbon is plentiful in the ISM and is the key building block of any organic compounds and life. Yet, there is almost none of it left on Earth. Where has all the carbon gone?

One hypothesis is that carbon is destroyed by oxidation or photolysis in the hot and irradiated upper regions of disks. ...

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