China Scholarship Council, 2016-20;

  • Granted funds: 4-year PhD student position
  • Generating Storylines from Social Media

Amsterdam Data Science, 2016-17;

  • Granted funds: 1-year 1 day/week
  • Medical Information Extraction: From Patients Dossiers to Structured Forms

COMMIT Swallow, 2016;

  • Granted funds: 1-year 2 Postdoc positions
  • ControCurator: Crowds and Machines for Controversy Discovery and Modeling

Google Faculty Research Award, 2015-16;

  • Granted funds: 52,556 USD
  • Session-based Personalization: Analysis and Evaluation

China Scholarship Council, 2015-17;

  • Granted funds: 2-year PhD student position
  • Entities and their Facets – Entity-based Text Understanding for Information Retrieval

Amsterdam Data Science AAA program, 2015-18;

  • Granted funds: 3-year postdoc position, jointly with Claes de Vreese (Communication Science)
  • Bias and Engagement in Political Social Media

FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IIF – No 254562, 2010-12;

  • Granted funds: 172,241 EUR (U Sheffield)
  • Efficient and Effective Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems.