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Netherlight Lambda Test Results

In this document the results are presented from measurements at the Netherlight Lambda from SURFnet. These tests consist of ongoing monitor measurements and TCP and UDP performance tests which are available in various network topologies, and network equipment and host operating system versions. The used tools are described in the document "Network Test and Monitoring Tools".

Ongoing Monitoring Measurements

Below the following, ongoing monitoring links are available at the Netherlight Lambda. There are also "tool description" links to the description of the tool in the "Network Test and Monitoring Tools" document.

Cricket Monitor   (tool description).
This overview page supplies a.o. the following links to the SNMP counter registrations by the Cricket package of the involved Netherlight Lambda network equipment:

SmokePing Monitor   (tool description).
This page shows the latency monitoring executed by the SmokePing package.

rTPL Monitor  
This page lists some currently active examples from the rTPL package monitoring of throughput, latency, host load, and UDP bandwidth by the UDPmon package.

TCP and UDP Performance Tests

At the Netherlight Lambda TCP and UDP bulk transfer tests, using the Iperf or Netperf tools. And with the UDPmon tool, UDP packets were send with a registration of sequence ID's and relative sending / receiving times from which a.o., UDP bandwidth and # packets lost can be determined.

TCP and UDP Test Configurations.
In this page the used test configurations are described, characterising the tests. These are:
  1. Traffic type.
  2. Network equipment configuration / hardware.
  3. Routes.
  4. Host hardware / OS version.

Overview TCP and UDP Test Results.
This page gives an overview of the TCP and UDP test results, sorted to in the order of the test configurations listed above.

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