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Network Test and Monitoring Tools


In this document some network test and monitor tools are described that are proposed to be used by network metering activities, especially concentrated upon Gigabit networks that are switched to a large extend such as for instance Lambda based networks. In general metering tools are selected, that are commonly available in the public domain and that are capable of those line speeds. Sometimes small adjustments and bug fixes to these tools have to be executed. Often these adjustments are related to the Gigabit nature of the network, and sometimes the reason is that some extra functionality is desired. Occasionally small bugs have to be fixed. The modified versions of these tools are also available for download.

Some help scripts have been written, mainly in the scripting language Perl, a.o. to manage the tests. In general test tools are remotely started from a host controlling the tests. One of the aspects handled by these scripts is that multiple streams (optionally from different types) are started as much as possible in a synchronised way.

Because the intended Gigabit networks are mainly switched, it does not make much sense to use level 3 oriented tools like for instance patchar and related tools.

In the next sections we will discuss the used network test and monitoring tools and the help scripts managing the network tests.

The results, obtained with these tools at the Netherlight Lambda, are described in the document "Netherlight Lambda Test Results".

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