The Emile Program

This is the homepage of the Emile program, a program that reads a text, and without prior knowledge, attempts to determine the grammatical structure of the language.

Current Version

4.1.9 (September 17, 2006, see ChangeLog)


Introduction to Emile.

The manual of Emile, in PDF and Gzipped Postscript format.

Installation instructions

"Toward High Speed Grammar Induction on Large Text Corpora", appeared in SOFSEM 2000: Theory and Practice of Informatics, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1963, V. Hlavác, K.G. Jeffery and J. Wiedermann (editors), 2000.
© Springer-Verlag.

Several slightly out-of-date Powerpoint presentations, on Learning Shallow Languages, Text Mining Highlights and Practical Results with Emile.

Obtaining the Program

The EMILE 4.1 program is intended to be used for research puposes only and is distributed as is without any guarantee concerning its functionality. The Universiteit van Amsterdam provides designated users with a temporary licence for EMILE 4.1 in the context of a well defined research project. To obtain a license and download instructions, please contact Pieter Adriaans.

You will be send the URL for a zipped archive containing the source code for the program.

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