Mototaka Suzuki Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

University of Amsterdam

Select publications

Suzuki, M., Aru, J. & Larkum, M.E. (2021)
Double-µPeriscope, a tool for multi-layer optical recordings, optogenetic stimulations or both.
eLife 10:e72894 [DOI] NEW
Preprint in bioRχiv 2021.06.28.450155 [DOI]
Aru, J., Suzuki, M. & Larkum, M.E. (2020)
Cellular mechanisms of conscious processing.
Trends in Cognitive Sciences 24(10):814-825 [DOI]
Selected for Best of 2020: Trends in Cognitive Sciences
Suzuki, M. & Larkum, M.E. (2020)
General anesthesia decouples cortical pyramidal neurons.
Cell 180(4):666-676 [DOI]
Recommended in Faculty Opinions [DOI]
Invited commentary article in Japanese (ISBN 978-4-7581-2536-9)
Suzuki, M. & Larkum, M.E. (2017)
Dendritic calcium spikes are clearly detectable at the cortical surface.
Nature Communications 8(1):276 [DOI]
Selected for Nature Index that tracks top papers.
Suzuki, M. & Gottlieb, J. (2013)
Distinct neural mechanisms of distractor suppression in the frontal and parietal lobe.
Nature Neuroscience 16(1):98-104 [DOI]
Featured in "News & Views" of Nature Neuroscience [DOI]

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