All papers in Indagationes Mathematicae are now digitized

The mathematics journal Indagationes Mathematicae is owned by the Koninklijk Wiskundig Genootschap (KWG), and it is published by Elsevier. The journal originates from the Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW) Series A. Recently Elsevier has digitized the volumes which appeared during 1951-1968. This filled the last gap in the digitization of the back issues of Indag. Math and Proc. KNAW (Ser. A). They are now available as follows: The first two mentioned sites have open access. On the third site all papers which have appeared more than 48 months ago have open access.

Here are a few examples of important papers which appeared in Indag. Math in the period 1951-1968 and which are now digitized:

Read about the history of Indagationes Mathematicae the following paper (in Dutch):
J. Korevaar and R. Tijdeman, De geschiedenis van Indagationes Mathematicae,
Nieuw Arch. Wisk. (5) 14 (2013), 66-72.

Note that during 1939-1979 KNAW published the two journals Proc. KNAW Ser. A and Indag. Math. which were completely identical, except that one should subtract 41 from the volume number of Proc. KNAW Ser. A in order to obtain the volume number of Indag. Math. On ScienceDirect Indagationes Mathematicae (Proceedings) Elsevier uses the volume numbers of Proc. KNAW Ser. A.
Starting in 1990, only Indag. Math. was published. The volume number started with 1 again in 1990. For proper citation one should add N.S. (New Series).

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