Course on special functions

The course on Special Functions by Tom H. Koornwinder and Raimundas Vidunas at Universiteit van Amsterdam during September-November 2000 will be given in a less intensive form than earlier announced in the "studiegids" because only few students registered for this course. Participants will study themselves selected parts from the book

N.M. Temme, "Special functions, an introduction to the classical functions of mathematical physics", Wiley, 1996,

and from some further material.

A two-hour session will be held once a week on Wednesday, 15.15-17.00 hour in room P.014 of the Euclides building. During the first hour difficulties met while reading the book will be explained. During the second hour participants will present solutions of exercises on the blackboard which have been assigned to them one week in advance.

Tentative list of subjects:

Audience and examen:

The course is suitable for 4th year (and possibly 3rd year) undergraduate students and for beginning graduate students in mathematics and in (theoretical) physics. Marks (7 "studiepunten") can be obtained by submitting take-home exercises or a longer paper or after an oral examination or by a combination of these.


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