Papers dedicated to Tom Koornwinder

Indagationes Mathematicae, New Series 14 (2003), No. 3-4.

In connection with the Workshop on Special Functions, Representation Theory and Applications, Amsterdam, 25-27 August 2003, on the occasion of Tom Koornwinder's 60th birthday.

YThe papers are in open access available from the journal's webpage.


Preface, pp. 291-292, by Mike Keane, Erik Koelink, Eric Opdam, Jasper Stokman, Nico Temme and Jan Wiegerinck.

Renato Álvarez-Nodarse, Some limit relations in the A1 tableau of Dunkl-Cherednik operators, pp. 293-308.

G. van Dijk, M. Pevzner and S. Aparicio, Invariant Hilbert subspaces of the oscillator representation, pp. 309-318.

K. Driver and K. Jordaan, Asymptotic zero distribution of a class of 3F2 hypergeometric functions, pp. 319-327.

Wolter Groenevelt, Laguerre functions and representations of su(1,1), pp. 329-352; preprint arXiv:math/0302342.

F.A. Grünbaum, I. Pacharoni and J. Tirao, Matrix valued orthogonal polynomials of the Jacobi type, pp. 353-366.

G.F. Helminck, tau-Functions for a two-point version of the KP-hierarchy, pp. 367-383.

K.D. Johnson, A. Korányi and H.M. Reimann, Equivariant first order differential operators for parabolic geometries, pp. 385-393.

Yasushi Kajihara and Masatoshi Noumi, Multiple elliptic hypergeometric series. An approach from the Cauchy determinant, pp. 395-421; preprint arXiv:math/0306219.

Erik Koelink, One-parameter orthogonality relations for basic hypergeometric series, pp. 423-443; preprint arXiv:math.CA/0305385.

Johan A.C. Kolk, On Euler numbers, Hilbert sums, Lobachevskii integrals, and their asymptotics, pp. 445-449; preprint (pdf).

Vadim B. Kuznetsov, Vladimir V. Mangazeev and Evgeny K. Sklyanin, Q-operator and factorised separation chain for Jack polynomials, pp. 451-482; preprint arXiv:math/0306242

Hjalmar Rosengren and Michael Schlosser, Summations and transformations for multiple basic and elliptic hypergeometric series by determinant evaluations, pp. 483-513; preprint arXiv:math.CA/0304249.

S.N.M. Ruijsenaars, Relativistic Lamée functions: Completeness vs. polynomial asymptotics, pp. 515-544.

Jasper V. Stokman, Vertex-IRF transformations, dynamical quantum groups and harmonic analysis, pp. 545-570; preprint arXiv:math/0305324.

S.O. Warnaar, Extensions of the well-poised and elliptic well-poised Bailey lemma, pp. 571-588; preprint arXiv:math/0309241.

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