Comments on software

February 15, 2009.   Complete removal of macro in Excel:Mac 2004

If you create macros in an Excel worksheet (at least in Excel:Mac 2004) and later remove them then still, whenever you open the worksheet, you get a macro warning with the options to enable or disable, etc. The online help in Excel does not give any hint how to deal with this.
Fortunately this question is raised and answered in Geeks To Go. Translated to Excel:Mac 2004 this amounts to the following:
Go to the menu Tools/Macro/Visual Basic Editor. There appears a small window "Projects". In that window remove the (now empty) modules where the code for the macros had resided earlier.

July 28, 2007.   Different aligns in different columns in html tables fail

One of the most natural things one would like to do in tables is to have different lay-outs in different columns. This is easily done, for instance, in LaTeX in the tabular environment, see

Therefore I was very surprised that it is not possible in html, and neither in its extension with css. Even more surprising is that it is so difficult to find on the web that this feature is missing. One would expect that many people have bothered about this and complained about it, and that it figures prominently in the FAQ's. However, only after a long Google search I found the complaint eloquently formulated by Conan Saunders on a css-discuss list.

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