Lie day on July 1, 2004

On Thursday 1 July 2004 we will organize a day with four lectures on Lie theory and special functions at the KdV Institute of the University of Amsterdam.


11.00-12.00:   Wolter Groenevelt (TU Delft),
The Wilson function transform

13.30-14.30:   Yvette van Norden (TU Delft),
Dynamical quantum groups: duality and actions

14.45-15.45:   Margit Rösler (Univ. of Amsterdam),
Laplace representations for multivariable special functions - old and new

16.00-17.00:   Tom Koornwinder (Univ. of Amsterdam),
Lower-upper triangular decompositions, q=0 limits, and p-adic interpretations of some q-hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials

Location:   Room P.014, Euclides building, Plantage Muidergracht 24, Amsterdam

Organizers:   Tom Koornwinder and Jasper Stokman

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