Theo Gevers is a professor of computer vision at the University of Amsterdam. He is director of the Computer Vision Lab and co-director of the Atlas Lab in Amsterdam. His research area is artificial intelligence with the focus on computer vision and deep learning, and in particular image processing, 3D (object) understanding and human-behavior analysis with industrial and societal applications. He is the co-founder of 3DUniversum Sightcorp and ScanM. He has published over 200+ papers and 3 books. He is organizer, general chair, and program committee member of a various number of conferences, and an invited speaker at major conferences. He is actively involved in media and dissemination activities.

Open positions

No open positions at the moment. But excellent PhD candidates with a background in (3D) computer vision and deep learning and publications at top conferences like CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, ICLR, NIPS and ICML can always apply.


Here you can find papers and an overview of my research. H-index and number of citations.

Companies and spin-off's

More information can be found at,,,,,,

Free software

Here you can find an overview of the freely available software we developed for object recognition, tracking and image understanding.

Most popular free software for object recognition and detection: Color Descriptors and Selective Search.

We have developed emotion recognition software which is able to automatically analyze in real-time the facial expressions of humans in digital videos.

News: Hot off the Press

Press over the Course of Many Years

  • Here you can find an overview of the research (including emotion recognition, object recognition and 3D reconstruction) in the news and on TV.

Recent Outreach (All)

  • 05-07-2019: Trump supports The Netherlands World Cup 2019.
  • 14-06-2019: The benefits of ice-cream on people's mood.
  • 12-06-2019: (Press) National TV item, RTL News, on deep fake video detecton. From time stamp: 17:21-19:40
  • 12-06-2019: (Press) BNR News, discussion on the impact of (fake) video's of Mark Zuckerberg and Nancy Pelosi.
  • 23-05-2019: (Press) Aricles in NRC and Volkskrant on animating faces using single (or few) shots of target person.
  • 22-05-2019: (Press) Item for "Kelder & Klopping", on real-time face re-enactment. From time stamp: 29:16
  • 29-01-2019: Presentation for Executive Inspiration Network on the power of AI in real estate.
  • 16-01-2019: Putin speaks Dutch! Watch this Video, made for art and education purposes: Theatre Play "De (orde) chaos van 2018" on fake news. Article Volkskrant.
  • 13-12-2018: Presentation for NRC Live on "AI: the answer to everything?".
  • 23-11-2018: Discussion on the impact of manipulated news Meetup Tegenlicht.
  • 21-11-2018: (Press) Article on creative AI.
  • 18-11-2018: (Press) TV item on the impact of deep fake news broadcasted by the national TV-VPRO Tegenlicht.
  • 09-11-2018: (Press) TV item on deep fake videos broadcasted by De Wereld Draait Door (DWDD).
  • 23-10-2018: Interview and discussion on human in the machine.
  • 21-10-2018: (Press) TV item about the impact of AI on national TV-VPRO Tegenlicht.
  • 21-04-2018: (Press) Contribution to national newspaper "de Volkskrant" about AI, deep fake news and face manipulation in videos.
  • 12-03-2018: Publications on computer vision presented at world's best conference UvA, 2018.
  • 29-01-2018: (Press) Contribution to TV program EenVandaag about the rapid developments in AI.
  • 12-12-2017: Key-note entitled "Intrinsic Image Understanding by Deep Learning" at Applications of Intelligent Systems. APPIS2018 will be held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain on 8-12 January 2018.
  • 10-12-2017: Key-note at Norway's national conference on image processing and pattern recognition NOBIM, Hafjell, Oyer, Norway, entitled "What's in a face?".
  • 30-11-2017: Presentation at How Change The World 2017, the extraordinary day-long conference that presents a panoramic view of the future.
  • 21-11-2017: 32 million euro for top-level technological research. Hiring PhD students!
  • 21-11-2017: Contribution to the Huawei Ireland Research Video Summit 2017 Article and Program
  • 17-11-2017: Contribution and technology presentation at TedX Amsterdam 2017, see aftermovie.
  • 17-10-2017: Contribution to Emerce eDay.
  • 22-09-2017: (Press) Article on predicting facial expressions for enhanced social communication between humans and machines: page1, page2
  • 20-09-2017: (Press) Can A.I. determine the sexual orientation of a person by reading faces? See: NOS, Volkskrant, NPO
  • 25-07-2017: (Press) Article in the Volkskrant on fakenews using facial intelligence:
  • 07-09-2016: The implications of A.I. in The Netherlands, meeting organized by networkclub FD Circle.
  • 31-08-2016: Humanoid robot at Trimbot2020 meeting at the University of Edinburgh.
  • 12-06-2016: (Press) Recordings at Sightcorp/Nemo (with CTO Roberto Valenti) by CBC News Canada for the documentary "Body Talk". Provisional international broadcasting on January 2017.
  • 29-05-2016: Speaker Campus Party | Europe Fest Startups. Talk about "Amsterdam Computer Vision: from the lab to the real world". See also (in Dutch) article "kennis van nu" and program .
  • .

  • 26-05-2016: (Press) Interview on Radio 1 (national) . Interview on technology, applications and societal impact of 3D scanning and printing on Radio 1.
  • 16-03-2016: 3DU-Mobile Scanner. Our real-time 3D scanning solution for Ipad is available (as test flight) in apple store.
  • 04-03-2016: Speaker NRC - Moonshot on the future of 3D computer vision.
  • .

  • 16-02-2016: Key-note 8th Mexican Conference on Pattern Recognition (MCPR2016).
  • 14-02-2016: Contribution to TV program Katja Schuurman Body Scan (from April 2016) with eye tracking software.
  • 14-11-2015: (Press) Appearance in NOS Journaal (radio) about google glass with emotion recognition for autism. More news: Automatiseringgids, EOS Wetenschap, Drimble,
  • 29-11-2015: Our 3D scanning and printing demo at Eureka Festival.
  • 01-11-2015: (Press) Appearance in Mexcian newspaper about the influence of smiling on age estimation: women appear younger when they smile when they are older than 40 years.
  • 03-11-2015: (Press) Google glass with emotion recognition software helps children with autism.
  • 07-09-2015: EUR 5,4 M for the development of a gardening robot - TrimBot2020. In the TrimBot2020 project (EU Horizon 2020), we will conduct research in the field of 3D computer vision to develop a gardening robot that is able to automatically trim roses, hedges and topiaries. The UvA receives an amount of EUR 640K.
  • 13-04-2015: Hamdi Dibeklioglu presenting genuine smile recognition at TedXDelft by demonstrating Emilie Gevers' smiling .
  • 09-04-2015: Interview (Commit) on Emolab .
  • 06-04-2015: Interview in Vrij Nederland on aggression detection on public transport.
  • 10-03-2015: (Press) Interview on BBC radio (time 4:15) on 3D printing. See also

  • 04-03-2015: FNWI Collegetour on "Painted feelings in the Golden Age" together with Gary Schwartz curator of the Frans Hals Museum: programme.

  • 30-01-2015: Presentation on emotion recognition at the Frans Hals Museum and De Hallen Haarlem: program.

  • 28-11-2014: Sightcorp, together with Dell, provides a mood sensing service at TedX Amsterdam.

  • 22-11-2014: Exhibition of 3DUniversum at Emerce Eday the leading e-business conference.

  • 27-10-2014: Masters of Expressions (together with Hamdi).

  • 15-11-2014: Emotions in paintings: Dutch painters in 17th century. Our exhibition at Frans Hals developped by Sightcorp and UvA.

  • 07-07-2014: Based on our recent scientific findings on kinship verification, we have developed new software: Smile reveals consanguinity. On the radio (in Dutch) Radio 2 NRCV 21-6-2014 (start 9:32) (audio fragment) and RTVN-H 24-06-2014 (start 10:12): audiopart1 and audiopart2. Press e.g. Telegraaf, Volkskrant. Internet e.g. RTL,, Volkskrant.

  • 03-07-2014: Marcel Lucassen appeared on the radio (Radio 538) "Evers staat op" with a topic on the analysis of the colors of football shirts in relation to the World Championship. Our scientific paper on color and emotion can be downloaded here. He appeared a second time on the radio show "Evers staat op", this time commenting on the winning chances of warm and cool shirt colors.

  • 15-05-2014: (Press) Our research as part (MP4) of a full movie on "Body Language" produced by Informactions Films.

  • 07-02-2014: Face analysis Iphone app's are avaliable now: Insight (Individual Face Analysis) and Crowsight (Crowd Face Analysis). Optimized for Iphone 5.

  • 01-02-2014: Our research on human behavior is featured in the film "Body Language" produced by Informactions Films:

  • 15-01-2014: Face analysis android app is avaliable now.

  • 01-01-2014: Our paper "Evaluation of color descriptors for object and scene recognition" is 2nd highest cited paper of CVPR over the past 5 years and 2nd highest cited paper of IEEE PAMI from 2010.

  • 01-09-2013: 2 papers accepted for ICCV2013.

  • 01-06-2013: IEEE Workshop on Color and Photometry in Computer Vision is accepted for ICCV2013.

  • 01-05-2013: Paper accepted for CVPR2013.

  • 23-10-2012: We are going to organize ECCV2016 in Amsterdam. I will be the general chair together with Arnold Smeulders.

  • .

  • 05-09-2012: The book "Color in Computer Vision" is now available.

  • 15-08-2012: The smile dataset in the news.

  • 25-07-2012: UvA-Nemo Smile Dataset has been released:

  • 06/09-05-2012: CGIV2012 has been held in Amsterdam.

  • 06-12-2011: Roberto Valenti and Koen van de Sande succesfully defended their theses and gladly obtained their PhD degrees.

  • 20-11-2011: Succesfull submission of the book entitled "Color in Computer Vision", see also website.

  • From left-to-right: Jan van Gemert, Marcel Lucassen, Joost van de Weijer, Jan-Mark Geusebroek, Theo Gevers, Frank Aldershoff and Arjan Gijsenij.
  • 01-10-2011: Our book "Computer Analysis of Human Behavior" is available now. 409 p. 117 illus., 86 in color. Price € 69,95.

  • 20-09-2011: New item in Intermediair.

  • 15-08-2011: New item in FOCUS.

  • 05-06-2011: My research in the news: MT.

  • 20-05-2011: My research in the news: Sync.

  • 20-05-2011: My research in the news: MediaPost.

  • 16-05-2011: Tutorial by Theo Gevers, Joost van de Weijer and Keigo Hirakawa is accepted for ICCV2011. Date: afternoon of Sunday, November 6.

  • 14-05-2011: Science Live at Nemo with Theo Gevers on (Dutch) TV channel Z@pp24 for children.

  • 3-05-2011: Research in the news: Bloomberg TV.

  • 10-04-2011: Emotion recognition in the news: BBC TV.

  • 04-03-2011: 3rd IEEE Workshop on Color and Photometry in Computer Vision (November 12, full day) is accepted for ICCV2011.

  • 04-03-2011: 2nd IEEE Workshop on Computer Vision in Vehicle Technology: From Earth to Mars (November 13, full day) is accepted for ICCV2011.

  • 03-03-2011: Theo Gevers has been interviewed by Dutch internet TV channel on age estimation and the Nemo project.

  • 02-03-2011: Roberto Valenti and Theo Gevers from ISLA-FNWI have been interviewed by BBC world on their facial expression recognition prototype for market research. The item will be aired on BBC World TV.

  • 26-02-2011: Science Live experiment in the news: NRC.

  • 16-02-2011:Theo Gevers and Albert Ali Salah will conduct a Science Live experiment on facial dynamics for age estimation at NEMO, between 19 February and 13 March. The experiment is open to everyone from the age of 8 between these days. For more information, see nemo and

  • 12-02-2011: Paper accepted for publication: "Computational Color Constancy: Overview and Experiments, IEEE Trans. on Image Processing (TIP), 2011".

  • 01-02-2011: We launched a new color constancy website:

  • 22-09-2010: The call for papers is out for a special issue in IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing on Affect Based Human Behavior Understanding. The submission deadline is October 1, 2010.

  • 8-06-2010: Color Research and Applications paper accepted "M. Lucassen, Th. Gevers and A. Gijsenij, Texture Affects Color Emotion".

  • 12-04-2010: Colloquium for the Faculty of Science: presentation.

  • 30-03-2010: Ramesh Jain (UCI) and Ivan Laptev (INRIA) as keynote speakers: Workshop Human Behaviour Understanding at ICPR2010.

  • 30-03-2010: Tutorial "Coloring Image Search" has been accepted for ICPR2010.

  • 22-03-2010: IJCV paper accepted for publication "J. Alvarez, Th. Gevers, A. Lopez, Learning Photometric Invariance for Object Detection, International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV)".

  • 22-03-2010: Book (editor) released "Multimedia Content Access: Algorithms and Systems IV, Vol. 7540, SPIE, 2010".

  • 22-03-2010: Article in "Digitale Bibliotheek, No. 2, March 2010".

  • 18-03-2010: AT5 TV item about NEMO.

  • 15-03-2010: Article in newspaper El Periodico.

  • 08-03-2010: Invitation for key-note at Video Intelligence Workshop: "Video Search: State-of-the-art and challenges".

  • 08-03-2010: Our UvA master of Artificial Intelligence is ranked #1 of all AI masters in the Netherlands, see Master Evaluation 2009.

  • 03-03-2010: Generalized Gamut Mapping matlab code is available. Paper is Generalized Gamut Mapping and appeared in IJCV. The code is written using Matlab, and requires the Convex Programming Toolbox CVX (with Arjan Gijsenij).

  • 01-03-2010: ECCV acceptance of Workshop on Color and Reflectance in Imaging and Computer Vision.
    Date: Sept 10 (1/2 day - Afternoon) .

  • 28-02-2010: Springer acceptance of proceedings to be published in LNCS of Workshop Human Behaviour Understanding at ICPR2010.

  • 28-02-2010: JOSA paper published "E. Vazquez, Th. Gevers, M. Lucassen, J. van de Weijer, and R. Baldrich, Saliency of Color Image Derivatives: A Comparison between Computational Models and Human Perception,".

  • 25-02-2010: CVPR paper accepted "J. Alvarez, Th. Gevers, A. Lopez, 3D Priors for Road Detection".

  • 24-02-2010: Augmented Reality demo released.

  • 23-02-2010: PAMI paper accepted "A. Gijsenij and Th. Gevers, Color Constancy using Natural Image Statistics and Scene Semantics".

  • 22-02-2010: Kassa Radio 1 (Vara) MP3