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Call for Papers

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The workshop on Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies (DALT), in its third edition this year, is a well-established venue for researchers interested in sharing their experiences in declarative and formal aspects of agents and multi-agent systems (MAS), on the one hand, and in engineering and technology on the other. Today it is still a challenge to develop technologies that can satisfy the requirements of complex agent systems. Importantly, building multi-agent systems still calls for models and technologies that ensure predictability, enable feature discovery, allow the verification of properties, and guarantee flexibility. Declarative approaches are potentially a valuable means for satisfying the needs of multi-agent systems developers and for specifying multi-agent systems.

The main goal of DALT is to provide a discussion forum to both (i) support the transfer of declarative paradigms and techniques to the broader community of agent researchers and practitioners, and (ii) to bring the issue of designing complex agent systems to the attention of researchers working on declarative programming and technologies.

DALT topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Declarative agent communication and coordination languages
  • Declarative approaches to the engineering of agent systems
  • Experimental studies of declarative technologies
  • Industrial and commercial experiences with declarative agent technologies
  • Formal methods for the specification and verification of agent systems
  • Distributed constraint satisfaction and constraint reasoning in agents
  • Multi-criteria optimisation and distributed problem solving with constraints
  • Computational logics in MAS
  • Model Checking MAS
  • Declarative description of contracts and negotiation issues
  • Lessons learned from the design and implementation of agent systems
  • Declarative paradigms for the combination of heterogeneous agents
  • Declarative policies and security in MAS
  • Knowledge-based and knowledge-intensive MAS
  • Modelling agent rationality


A printed volume with the proceedings will be available at the workshop. Authors of papers presented at DALT 2005 will be invited to extend their contributions, possibly incorporating the results of the workshop discussion, and to submit them for inclusion in the workshop post-proceedings, to be published in a journal special issue or a book. The post-proceedings of DALT 2003 (LNAI 2990) and DALT 2004 (LNAI 3476) have been published by Springer-Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence series.