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Features of the WinKE Software

The main purpose of the software is to lead students through a logic proof step by step (in classical first-order predicate logic), but it can also be used as an automated theorem prover. The WinKE process of constructing a proof tree directly corresponds to what tradionally has been done using pen and paper. The system is easy to use and visually satisfying. The interactive graphical user interface consists of four windows: the main window providing menus and buttons for quick access to the most basic functions, the graphic window to display and manipulate KE proof trees, a viewer which displays a scaled-down view of the virtual drawing board, allowing to focus on a particular portion of it, and a tool box containing several graphic tools.

The most important features of WinKE include:

To get a better impression you may also want to look at the screen shots available on this site.

A free copy of WinKE will be sent to you on request (email Ulle Endriss).

A list of known bugs is available here.

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