ILLC Workshop on Collective Decision Making

To mark the end of the five-year Vidi Project on Collective Decision Making in Combinatorial Domains, we are organising a small workshop on all aspects of collective decision making at the ILLC in Amsterdam. There will be no registration fee and everyone is welcome to attend.


11-12 April 2013


Eulerzaal, Science Park 123, Amsterdam


The programme consists of talks by 11 invited speakers, covering topics in collective decision making from a range of disciplines, including logic, philosophy, economics, operations research, computer science, and artificial intelligence. Lunch will be held at Café Polder (for registered participants).

Thursday AM (Chair: Ulle Endriss)
9:30-10:15Umberto Grandi (Mathematics, Padova)
 Restricted Manipulation in Iterative Voting (slides)
10:15-11:00Guido Schäfer (CWI & VU Amsterdam)
 Altruism and Spite in Games (slides)
11:00-11:30coffee break
11:30-12:15Daniele Porello (CNR Trento)
 A Proof-Theoretical View of Collective Rationality (slides)
Friday AM (Chair: Umberto Grandi)
10:15-11:00Stéphane Airiau (LAMSADE, Paris-Dauphine)
 Generating and Testing Multi-issue Elections (slides)
11:00-11:30coffee break
11:30-12:15Reyhan Aydogan (Intelligent Systems, TU Delft)
 Multilateral Mediated Negotiation Protocols with Feedback (slides)
Thursday PM (Chair: Daniele Porello)
14:30-15:15Ines Lindner (Economics, VU Amsterdam)
 Cascade Dynamics in Social Networks
15:15-16:00Olivier Cailloux (ILLC, Amsterdam)
 Building a Common Sorting Function for a Group of Decision Makers (slides)
16:00-16:30coffee break
16:30-17:15Martin van Hees (Political Science, Amsterdam)
 Constructing a Formula of Universal Law (slides)
Friday PM (Chair: Stéphane Airiau)
14:30-15:15Dorothea Baumeister (Informatics, Düsseldorf)
 Interference in Judgment Aggregation (slides)
15:15-16:00Nicolas Maudet (LIP6, UPMC Paris)
 Voting Rules and Strategic Candidacy: Some Recent Results (slides)
16:00-16:30coffee break
16:30-17:15Burak Can (Economics, Maastricht)
 A Re-characterization of the Kemeny Distance (slides)

Workshop Report

Justin Kruger has written a short report on the workshop, published in The Reasoner in its May 2013 edition.


If you plan to attend all or part of the workshop, then please register by filling in the registration form, preferably at least one week before the event. This applies to both visitors from outside and to ILLC staff and students.


For further information, please feel free to contact Ulle Endriss.