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Social Standard Platform of the RoboCup @Home League


As the 2017 RoboCup@Home phrases: the Social Standard Platform League (SSPL) takes robots away from the tra-ditional passive servant role, for now the robot is the one who will actively look for interaction. From a party waiter in a home envi-ronment to a hostess in a museum or shopping mall, in SSPL look for the next user who may require its services. Hence, this league focuses on Human-Robot Interaction, Natural Language Processing, People Detection and Recognition, Reactive Behaviors, and Safe Outdoor Navigation and Mapping. The robot to be used in the Social Standard Platform League is the Pepper, which we have access to with our contacts in the Netherlands (ING, Interactive Robotics, ReadyForRobots).

The University of Amsterdam has experience in both the perception side and the interaction side of this challenge. The UvA@Home team has been one of the twelve teams qualified to purchase on a Pepper robot for the SSPL competition, based on this proposal, which gives some ideas about our plans. The UvA@Home team has been one of the seven teams which participated at the first SSPL competition in Nagoya 2017. Details about their approach can be found in the UvA@Home Team Description paper 2017.

More details can be found at the UvA @ Home team website, including the qualification Team Description Paper) and qualification video.