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Educational work

See also the courses of the Intelligent Robotics Lab and my Educational C.V.. When needed, a free educational room can be booked at Science Park.



Search, Navigate, and Actuate (Zoeken, Sturen, Bewegen) (2004 - 2012),2015-2017
- 1th year Bachelor AI

Honours project - 2nd & 3th year Bachelor AI (-2015-2016)

Behavior-Based Robotics (2015 - 2017) - 3th year Bachelor PsychoBiology

Bachelor graduation project (2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)
- 3rd year Bachelor AI
Probabilistic Robotics (2008-2011, 2017-2018) - Master AI


Media Understanding (2017) - 3th year Bachelor AI

Computer Systems (2003 - 2004, 2009 - 2016) - 2nd year Bachelor AI

AutonomousMobileRobots (2012-2016) - 3th year Bachelor AI

C++ programmeermethoden ( 2012-2015) - College of Science (1th years and above)

Introduction to the workstations at the UvA (2003-2013)- 1th year Informatics Institute.

Introduction to Robotics (2008-2009)- 1th year Bachelor AI.

Design and Organisation of Autonomous Systems (1995-2009) - 4th year

Graduation projects

Running Master projects

Max Crous
Estimating Local Bird Population by Analyzing Audio Field Recordings April 2019
Patrick de Kok
Combining inertia and Visual Slam in Augmented Reality (restart October 2018)


Fabrizio Ambrogi
Evolving a Spiking Neural Network controller for low gravity environments (October 2018)
Anouk Visser
Resizing Images with CAIR - Content-Aware Image Resizing for Fast Object Detection on a Nature Conservative Drone (October 2016)
Djura Smits
Deadline Driven Behavior in Intelligent Virtual Environments
(January 2015)
Giorgos Methenitis
Evolution of soft robots by novelty search (December 2014)
Mircea Trăichioiu Hierarchical Decision Theoretic Planning for RoboCup Rescue Agent Simulation (October 2014)
Jaysinh Sagar Obstacle Avoidance using Monocular Vision on Micro Aerial Vehicles (May 2014)
Nick Dijkshoorn
Simultaneous localization and mapping with the AR.Drone (July 2012)
Christiaan Meijer
Getting a kick out of humanoid robotics Using reinforcement learning to shape a soccer kick (July 2012)
Sander van Noort
Validation of the dynamics of a humanoid robot in USARSim (May 2012)
David de Bos
Experimental Comparison of SLAM Methods (January 2012)
Štefan Konečný
(October 2011)
Tijn Schmits
(June 2008)
Martijn Liem
(April 2008)
Tim van Oosterhout (December 2007)
David Knibbe (August 2007)
Kader el Oufir (June 2007)

Jürgen Sturm (December 2006)

Max Pfingsthorn, Bayu Slamet (December 2006)
Maurits Fassaert, Stef Post (June 2004)
Koen Boinck (September 2003)
Ilja Breuker (April 2003)
Erik de Ruiter (May 2003)
Joost Zoetebier (August 2002)
Mathieu Hommes (May 2001)
Frank Terpstra (March 2001)

Running Bachelor projects

Carmen Veenker Multi-label video classification" (restart April 2020)
Dico van Leeuwen Opponent Feet detection with Local Binary Patterns (April 2019)
Anne-Ruth Meijer Explaining the Human Visual Brain (April 2019)
Jasper van Eck Directional Whistle Challenge (April 2019)
Jeroen van Wely Opponent Jersey detection with Local Binary Patterns (April 2019)

Finished Bsc-theses

Jimmy Badrie, Ball Localization in Humanoid Soccer using Machine Learning, Bachelor thesis, Universiteit van Amsterdam, February 2019.
Julian Main, Finding occluded animals from an aerial point of view, Bachelor thesis, Universiteit van Amsterdam, January 2019.
Tobias Garritsen, Using the Extended Information Filter for Localization of Humanoid Robots on a Soccer Field, June 2018.
Ruben van Heusden, Making a robot stop a penalty - Using Q Learning and Transfer Learning, June 2018.
Max Crous, Combining Weakly and Strongly Supervised Segmentation Methods for Wind Turbine Damage Annotation, June 2018.
Jonathan Gerbscheid, 'People detection on the Pepper Robot using Convolutional Neural Networks and 3D Blob detection', June 2017
Tirza Soute, 'Discovering Available Drinks Through Natural, Robot-Led, Human-Robot Interaction Between a Waiter and a Bartender', June 2017
Dion Oosterman, Improving automatic object detection performance for wildlife conservation drones, June 2016.
Robin Bakker, A Comparison of Decision Trees for Ingredient Classification, June 2016.
Mustafa Karaalioğlu Real-time 3-D Weighted Scan Matching with Octrees, August 2015.
Sébastien Negrijn RoCKIn @ Work Visual Servoing - Active vision using template matching on RGB-D sensor images, June 2015.
Areg Shahbazian Taking up the RoCKIn@Work Object Recognition Challenge With The Bag of Keypoints Approach, June 2015.
Ruben Seggers People Tracking in Outdoor Environments - Evaluating the Kinect 2 Performance in Different Lighting Conditions, June 2015.
Victor I.C. Hofstede The importance and purpose of simulation in robotics, June 2015.
Freddy de Greef A KUKA youBot simulation in USARSim, June 2015.
Duncan S. Ten Velthuis, Nao detection with a cascade of boosted weak classifier based on Haar-like features, July 2014.
Niels W. Backer, Horn And Whistle Recognition Techniques For NAO Robots, June 2014.
Fabian Voorter, A coaching robot in the Standard Platform League, June 2014.
Camiel R. Verschoor, Sensor Fusion on a mini Unmanned Vehicle. Integrating vision-based algorithms on an Parrot AR.Drone to autonomously follow linear shaped structures in a landscape. , July 2012.
Auke J. Wiggers, Recognizing Attack Patterns: Clustering of Optical Flow Vectors in RoboCup Soccer, June 2012.
Maarten P. de Waard, Combining RoboCup Rescue and XABSL, June 2012.
Sammie Katt, Introducing movements and animations to virtual victims in USARSim, June 2012.
Richard Rozeboom, Navigating using a radar sensor in USARSim, June 2012.
Robrecht Jurriaans, Flow based Obstacle Avoidance for Real World Autonomous Aerial Navigation Tasks, Universiteit van Amsterdam, August 2011.
Martijn van der Veen, Optimizing Artificial Force Fields for Autonomous Drones in the Pylon Challenge using Reinforcement Learning, Universiteit van Amsterdam, July 2011.
Olaf Zwennes, Adaptive Indoor Map Generator for USARSim, Universiteit van Amsterdam, June 2011.
Hessel van der Molen, Self-Localization in the RoboCup Soccer Standard Platform League with the use of a Dynamic Tree, Universiteit van Amsterdam, June 2011.
Chaim Bastiaan, Virtual victims in USARSim, Universiteit van Amsterdam, June 2010.
Niels Out, Virtual radar sensor for USARSim, Universiteit van Amsterdam, June 2010.
Rory Breuk, Learning by demonstration using physical manipulation of a robot model, Universiteit van Amsterdam, June 2009.
Quang Nguyen, A Color Based Range Finder for an Omnidirectional Camera, Universiteit van Amsterdam, June 2009.
Christiaan Walraven, Using path planning to grade the quality of a mapper, Universiteit van Amsterdam, June 2009.
Steven Roebert, Creating a bird-eye view map using an omnidirectional camera, June 2008.
Aksel Ethembabaoglu, Active target tracking using a mobile robot in the USARSim, June 2007.
B.A. Slamet, Attention Steering in Behavior-Based Vision, July 2005.
A. Abbo and S. Peelen, Progressive Deepening for GameTrees: An application for RoboRescue, June 2004.
C.A.M. Pieterse, Kleur invariantie voor de Robocup challenge - onderzoek naar een belichtings invariante methode voor object herkenning, June 2004.



ad-interim Chairman Verkenningscommissie Onderwijs 2 (2014-present) - werkgroep 2 = Life Science Informatics. Bachelorteam Artificial Intelligence
Masterteam Multimodal Intelligent Systems


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