Dutch Days of Combinatorics 2023

image credit: Massimo Catarinella

Utrecht       6 & 7 March 2023


The purpose of the meeting is to share ideas and connect up combinatorics in the Netherlands, as well as to showcase the depth and breadth of Dutch combinatorial research.

The tentative plans are for a handful of invited speakers, a limited number of short contributed talks, an open problem session, and (social) opportunities for informal discussion.

The following speakers have accepted the invitation to speak at our event: Anurag Bishnoi, Timothy Budd, Daniel Dadush, and Krystal Guo.

The activities are planned to take place in the historic centre of Utrecht. More practical and programmatic details will be posted/updated here in due course. If the logistics allow for it, there will be access for remote participation.

Registration is free, but required, through the following link: registration form. Included are coffee/tea and a closing borrel on the Tuesday, but lunch might be wholly or partially on your own (luckily there are plenty of options around).

Monday, 6 March

9:30ish Welcome
time 1 speaker 1 title 1  ±
time 2 speaker 2 title 2  ±

Tuesday, 7 March

time 3 speaker 3 title 3  ±
time 4 speaker 4 title 4  ±
17:00ish Closing borrel

This meeting is made possible with the support of the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

This is the second edition in an intended series; the first edition took place in Eindhoven in May 2022. This meeting also borrows some spirit from two earlier workshops in Utrecht: UGW 2013 and UCW 2014.

For organisational matters, contact Carla Groenland or Ross Kang.

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