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Current and Recent Work

I co-founded the company GreenLight Solutions and am currently working there as resident programmer and developer of the Avenue CMS. I've folded my former free-lance activities as web-manager and programmer into the company. Sadly, I do little teaching nowadays.

Website Managing

For the Institute of Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), I manage their own website, as well as the website of the MSc in Logic and conferences such as ICGI-2002.

Together with my brother I manage the site for the dutch writer Hans Vervoort, the site Gissen en Missen on illusions, the weblog Terra Maja, and a fansite for the reality show Expeditie Robinson.

For the artist Lilian Cooper I occasionally create Flash presentations of her designs, such as her poem French Windows



Working for the PCC UvA bv, I'm the programmer for the Emile Grammar Parser, a continuation of one of my PhD research projects.

I'm also the resident programmer for the company I co-founded, GreenLight Solutions.

For those interested: the programming languages I use are mainly PHP, Perl, C++, Javascript and Macromedia Flash Actionscript, although I have a passing familiarity with many other languages. Note that I strongly prefer working with Linux/Unix systems.

Teaching at the UvA

For the last few years I've taught the exercise classes for Pieter Adriaans' course in Automatic Learning Systems.

In the third trimester of 2002, I also taught a course in Axiomatic Set Theory

During my AIO tenure I also taught the exercise class for several introductory courses in logic, for which I still can offer the exercise book.

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Marco Vervoort
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