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Marco Vervoort's Interests


I read a lot of Science Fiction and Fantasy (which has profoundly affected my vocabulary :-) ). Some of my favourite authors are Roger Zelazny, Robert A. Heinlein, Diane Duane, Katherine Kerr, Peter Hamilton and Terry Pratchett.

Outside of this field, I read some thrillers and detective novels, such as Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe series. Sad to say, about the only author I read in my native tongue is my father, Hans Vervoort.

I also read some online superhero fiction, such as the Superguy, OMEGA, ASH and LNH imprints. Some of these imprints have all but been abandoned out, but their archives still provide very good reading.


Like my reading, my television watching has been nearly completely anglicized. Currently, the shows that I watch regularly are Crossing Jordan, Doctor Who, Gilmore Girls, House and Torchwood.

I also have the strange habit of turning on the television, watching the last 15 minutes of a previously unknown show, and then consulting Wikipedia or IMDB to find out not only what happened and what the show was about, but also what's going to happen in upcoming episodes. Then I never watch that show again. Go figure :-).


Ballroom. Tango. Salsa. 'Nuff said.


I'm in a role-playing group, playing twice a month. Currently, we're playing a DnD campaign based on the Shackled City Adventure Path, from Dungeon magazine.


Currently, my favourite game is probably still Settlers of Catan, with Carcassone running a close second. I also used to play computer games of the turn-based conquer-the-world/galaxy variety, but it was too bad for my health, so I gave it up :-(. I still occasionally indulge in online Sudoku's though.


There are a lot of people whose existence in this world I appreciate. Here are homepages of some of them: Raffaella Bernardi, Erwin Bolwidt, Sita Edema, Juan Heguabehere, Joost J. Joosten, Judith Keijsper, Bonifatius Klomp, Vincent Partington, Jasper Swart, Eric Vervoort, Maja Vervoort, Hans Vervoort and Dafne Wijchgel.

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Marco Vervoort
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