PhD students

Sebastiaan Selvi

Sebastiaan has started his PhD project in June 2019. He investigates routes to fast dissipation in relativistic flows leading to rapid particle acceleration and flares. For this purpose he performs simulations of relativistic reconnection and instability development in jets.

Pushpita Das

Pushpita has started her PhD in September 2019. She studies dynamics and X-ray emission in accreting Pulsars with the aim to improve mass-radius measurements performed for example with the NICER satellite.

Pushpita is jointly supervised with Prof. Anna Watts


Dr. Gibwa Musoke

Gibwa has started her postdoc in the NOVA Virtual Institute for Accretion (VIA) in July 2019. She focuses on spectral timing properties of black-hole X-ray binaries from GRMHD simulations.

Master students

Alberto Sanchez Choza

Alberto has stared his master project in September 2019. He investigates formation and properties of mixed-type supernova remnants using numerical simulations of stellar winds and supernovae explosions.

Alberto is jointly supervised with Dr. Jacco Vink.