ESSLLI Workshop on Logical Models of Group Decision Making

Düsseldorf, 12-16 August 2013
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Programme Committee

All submissions will be reviewed by members of the programme committee:
  • Thomas Ågotnes (Bergen)
  • Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam & Stanford)
  • Fabrizio Cariani (Northwestern)
  • Cédric Dégremont (Toulouse)
  • Franz Dietrich (Paris & East Anglia)
  • Daniel Eckert (Graz)
  • Ulle Endriss (Amsterdam, co-chair)
  • Davide Grossi (Liverpool)
    • Jeff Horty (Maryland)
    • Sébastien Konieczny (Lens)
    • Eric Pacuit (Tilburg & Maryland, co-chair)
    • Gabriella Pigozzi (Paris)
    • Daniele Porello (Trento)
    • Olivier Roy (Munich)
    • Mike Wooldridge (Oxford)