ILLC Workshop on Collective Decision Making 2015

To mark the end of an NWO project on preference aggregation, we are organising a small workshop on all aspects of collective decision making in the centre of Amsterdam. The main theme of the workshop is "beyond preference aggregation". That is, we will focus specifically on (1) what one might want to do with preferences beyond aggregating them and (2) what one might want to aggregate beyond people's preferences. Speakers will consider these and related questions from the perspectives of a variety of disciplines, including artificial intelligence, computer science, logic, economics, political science and philosophy.

There will be no registration fee and everyone is welcome to attend. However: please register!


19-20 March 2015 (Thursday and Friday)


Oudemanhuispoort 4-6, Amsterdam (Rooms F0.01 and A0.08)

Invited Speakers


Thursday AM (Room F0.01, Chair: Ulle Endriss)
9:30-10:15Stéphane Airiau
 Voting in Parallel Universes
10:15-11:00Hans Peters
 Choosing k from m: Feasible Elimination Procedures Reconsidered
11:00-11:30coffee break
11:30-12:15Ronald de Haan
 What Complexity Theory Can Tell us about Judgment Aggregation
Friday AM (Room A0.08, Chair Stéphane Airiau)
10:15-11:00Umberto Grandi
 Propositional Opinion Diffusion
11:00-11:30coffee break
11:30-12:15Barbara Vis
 The Output of Aggregated Preferences: Why Government Parties Change their Platform more than Opposition Parties
Thursday PM (Room F0.01, Chair: Olivier Cailloux)
14:30-15:15Constanze Binder
 Walking a Mile in your Shoes: An Escape from Arrovian Impossibilities
15:15-16:00Sujata Ghosh
 We Discuss, then we Decide: Reliability-based Preference Change
16:00-16:30coffee break
16:30-17:15Lora Aroyo
 CrowdTruth: Crowdsourcing Approach to Harnessing Diversity of Human Interpretations
Friday PM (Room A0.08, Chair: Umberto Grandi)
14:30-15:15Vahid Hashemi
 Measuring Diversity of Preferences
15:15-16:00Olivier Cailloux
 Arguing about Voting Rules
16:00-16:30coffee break
16:30-17:15Giovanni Cinà
 Arrow's Theorem in Modal Logic


If you plan to attend all or part of the workshop, then please register by filling in the registration form. This applies to both visitors from outside and to ILLC staff and students.


This is not the first time we have been doing something like this ...


For further information, please feel free to contact Ulle Endriss.