Model Theory

This page concerns the course `Model Theory', taught at the University of Amsterdam from February - May 2019.
This course features in the local MSc Logic programme and the national Dutch Mastermath programme.

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Course Description

In (first-order) logic, the formal language of mathematical statements and their interpretation in mathematical structures is carefully identified.
Model theory, then, deals with questions such as: In this course we will give a general introduction to the methods and results of classical model theory.
More concretely, we will cover the following topics: The contents of the final part of the course have not been determined yet, but will consist of either


We presuppose some background knowledge in formal logic; in particular familiarity with the syntax and semantics of first-order languages.
Some basic knowledge of topology will be good, and familiarity with algebraic structures (such as rings, fields, and vector spaces) will be useful in order to be able to appreciate the examples.
More importantly, we assume that participants in the course possess the mathematical maturity as can be expected from students in mathematics or logic at the MSc level.
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