Computer Systems 2016-2017

Digitale Methoden
Digitale methoden is part of the “Computersystemen” course of the Bachelor Kunstmatige Intelligentie:


Students work in pairs through the “Van 0 en 1 tot pipelined processor” syllabus by Ben Bruidegom:


The software used with the syllabus can be found here:

The assignments in the syllabus are for practice only, but read them carefully. The assignments you will be graded on have to be done here:


Although you will work in pairs each person has to do his/her own submission of the assignments. Be sure to do them before the deadline:

week1, deadline 11-09-2016 23:59 hrs:   chapter 1,2,3
week2, deadline 18-09-2016 23:59 hrs:   chapter 7,8
week3, deadline 25-09-2016 23:59 hrs:   chapter 9
week4, exam 1
week5, deadline 09-10-2016 23:59 hrs:   chapter 10
week6, deadline 16-10-2016 23:59 hrs:   chapter 11
week7, deadline 23-10-2016 23:59 hrs:   chapter 12
week8, exam 2

Your grade of the “Computersystemen” course is comprised of the following elements:

week 1,2,3
  digitale methoden lab      9%
  computersystemen lab      16%
week 4
  exam 1                    25%
week 5,6,7
  digitale methoden lab      9%
  computersystemen lab      16%
week 8
  exam 2                    25%