Computer Systems 2017-2018

Digitale Methoden

Digitale methoden is part of the “Computersystemen” course of the Bachelor Kunstmatige Intelligentie:



Each week students read the relevant chapters and do the relevant programming assignments of syllabus “Van 0 en 1 tot pipelined processor” by Ben Bruidegom before attending the “digitale methoden” lab course.


week 1 read chapter 1,2,3:
all questions
paragraph 3.4 programming assignment 2, 4
paragraph 3.7 programming assignment 2, 3, 4 (5 is in the graded test)

week 2 read chapter 7,8:
all questions
paragraph 7.5 programming assignment 5, 6, 7 (8 is in the graded test)
paragraph 8.6 programming assignment 7 (8 is in the graded test)

week 3 read chapter 9:
all questions
paragraph 9.6 programming assignment 5, 7, 9

week 4 exam

week 5 read chapter 10:
all questions
paragraph 10.6 programming assignment 6, 7, 8

week 6 read chapter 11:
all questions
paragraph 11.5 programming assignment 5

week 7 no reading or programming assignments

week 8 exam

The software used with the syllabus can be found here:

Answers to questions and assignments in the syllabus are available in the Forum of Sakai for verification. This Forum is also the place to post questions that can not wait until the Lab Course (we can’t guarantee a timely responds unfortunately). Feel free to help your fellow students by answering questions on the Forum short of answering questions of the graded tests.


Lab Course

Each week during the lab course there will be time to ask your Teaching Assistant questions about the chapters you have read before working on the graded test. Make sure you have studied the chapters thoroughly, later chapters build upon the previous ones. The graded tests have to be done in Sakai and may be done in pairs (2 students max) so that you can have a discussing about your answers. Each pair of students only has to submit their answers ones.


Often it will be possible to check your answers using the SIM-PL Executer or other tools. However, for best result at the exam it is better to first come up with an answer yourself before verifying it using tools.

The deadline for each graded test can be found on the Sakai website.


Your grade of the “Computersystemen” course is comprised of the following elements:

week 1,2,3
  digitale methoden lab      9%
  computersystemen lab      16%
week 4
  exam 1                    25%
week 5,6,7
  digitale methoden lab      9%
  computersystemen lab      16%
week 8
  exam 2                    25%