Computer Systems 2023-2024

Digitale Methoden


Each week students are advised to read the relevant chapters and do the relevant programming assignments of syllabus “Van 0 en 1 tot pipelined processor” by Ben Bruidegom before attending the Digitale Methoden labs.

week 1, rekenmachine, read chapter 1,2,3:
all questions
paragraph 3.4 programming assignment 2, 4
paragraph 3.7 programming assignment 2, 3, 4 (5 is in the graded quiz)

week 2, branches and memory, read chapter 7,8:
all questions
paragraph 7.5 programming assignment 5, 6, 7 (8 is in the graded quiz)
paragraph 8.6 programming assignment 7 (8 is in the graded quiz)

week 3, pipeline processor, read chapter 9:
all questions
paragraph 9.6 programming assignment 5, 7, 9

week 4, Computersystemen exam1

week 5, caching, read chapter 11 (chapter 10 follows next week!):
all questions
paragraph 10.6 programming assignment 6, 7, 8

week 6, procedures, read chapter 10:
all questions
paragraph 11.5 programming assignment 5

week 7, no digital methods

week 8, Computersystemen exam2


The software used with the syllabus can be found here:

 Install Java, unzip both files, and start the SIM-PL Executer with:

            $ java -jar SIM-PL_2.3.0/Executer.jar

Then with “File” -> “Open” open in directory ComponentenComputerSystems2020 the desired chapter and SIM-PL worksheet (*.sim-pl-ws) to work on. For Java version 8 or older, use the worksheets with ‘java8-‘ prefix.

In the bottom right corner is a drop-down list with “SAL Compiler”, don’t forget to switch that to “WASM” when you want to compile wasm code as described in the syllabus.

Digitale Methoden Labs

Each week during the lab there will be time to ask your Teaching Assistant questions about the chapters you have read before working on the graded quiz in Canvas. Make sure you have studied the chapters before the lab so you can start working on the quiz and ask questions. A quiz should be done in pairs (2 students max) so that you can have a discussing about the answers.

Often it will be possible to check your answers using the SIM-PL Executer or other tools. However, for best result at the exam it is better to first reason about the answer before verifying it using tools.