Computing resources

Besides the normal ‘werkplek’ computer offered to each UvA employee there are other computing resources available also for students. These include:

DAS5, request access to the DAS5 computer cluster of which a part is maintained by the UvA. IvI master students may request access for work on their graduation project to DAS4. Both have GPUs:

SurfSara, request access to resources of SurfSara through the webforms:

Look at these systems first:
Cartesius: gives access to many compute nodes, GPUs are available
Lisa : gives access to many compute nodes, GPUs are available
HPC Cloud: get your own virtual machine, GPUs are available

Commercial VM, of course there are many commercial options out there if the others don’t fit your needs:

Light server at home, or if you want to buy some cheap computer to use as a light-weight server at home I suggest looking at:

rasberry pi