EyeAPI (beta)

EyeAPI can be used to obtain very accurate eye center location in low resolution images or videos, without any knowledge about computer vision. It can be useful to develop products which require the knowledge of the eyes location without using expensive equipment.

EyeAPI Agreement

Copyright Roberto Valenti, 2008-2010. All rights reserved.

This software is being made available for individual research use only. Any commercial use or redistribution of this software requires a license from the University of Amsterdam.

You may use this work subject to the following conditions:

1. This work is provided "as is" by the copyright holder, with absolutely no warranties of correctness, fitness, intellectual property ownership, or anything else whatsoever. You use the work entirely at your own risk. The copyright holder will not be liable for any legal damages whatsoever connected with the use of this work.

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3. The names and trademarks of the copyright holder may not be used in advertising or publicity related to this work without specific prior written permission.

4. In return for the free use of this work, you are requested, but not legally required, to do the following:

- If you become aware of factors that may significantly affect other users of the work, for example major bugs or deficiencies or possible intellectual property issues, you are requested to report them to the copyright holder, if possible including redistributable fixes or workarounds.

- If you use the work in scientific research or as part of a larger software system, you are requested to cite the use in any related publications or technical documentation. The work is based upon:

R. Valenti and T. Gevers. Accurate eye center location and tracking using isophote curvature.
In IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, June 2008.
For additional information refer to http://staff.science.uva.nl/~rvalenti/index.php?content=publications

You can download the free version of the EyeAPI here. Note that this API is only for Academic use.

The commercial version of the API includes enhanced accuracy and speed, enhanced camera/video support, detection of multiple user in the video stream, mapping of the eye location on screen coordinates, extended working range.

If you are interested in obtaining the commercial license, please contact me.