About me...

My life officially started on the 13th of April 1981 in a small but important town in the east side of italy, touched by the adriatic sea: San Benedetto del Tronto. It was a very warm monday.. everybody told me. This place is very nice but sometimes a bit too crowded in the summer period, due to the nice atmosphere created by gardens and palm trees, and the chill offered by the adriatic sea during the warm summer days. If you are wondering what that picture with all the girsl is.. well.. San Benedetto is also the place famous for the pre-selections for Miss Italia ;).

Shortly after born I was deported to Castel di Lama, a smaller town a bit more distant from the sea, where I lived for around four years and where I have few memories of my childhood

I reached adulthood in Ascoli Piceno, a very nice medieval city. Besides the problems coming from the "village-effect", Ascoli is a perfect place. Full with history and architecture, the city has the almost unique possibility to reach both a ski area and the seaside in 20 minutes.

It is well known that people around that age living Ascoli have an unexplainable and irresistible attraction for a special city in Emilia-Romagna: Bologna. Following the main stream, I went to study in Bologna and I lived there for four years. Of course Bologna is a nice city, but my expectation were way too high (if you go there, ask for the "three T" :P) On the pictures you can see the famous Neptune statue, and a details of the mermaids under him (yeah, it's a porn statue), the two towers, piazza maggiore and the sanctuary of San Luca which is on top of a hill from where you can see all of Bologna... definitely one of the most romantic places in Italy!

Things were aligning correctly to allow my escape from the triangle S. Benedetto-Ascoli-Bologna: Amsterdam was my destination. Besides the infamous and sad weather (which I think is a kind of "God punishment"... it has to be!), Amsterdam is beautiful: the canals, the parks, those weird houses, everything seems like a fairytale when is sunny! And when is not? I don't care, I have my girlfriend, my friends and my PC :P