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I am a Veni-fellow based at the Anton-Pannekoek Institute in Amsterdam, as well as at the Theoretical Astrophysics Center at the University of California, Berkeley.
I have a background in binary evolution, and as part of my Veni I have expanded into the evolution of triples systems. Previously, I was a postdoc at the Leiden Observatory working with Simon Portegies Zwart. I received my PhD from the Radboud University in Nijmegen under the supervision of Gijs Nelemans.

Why triples? Aren't binaries complicated enough??

While stellar triples are provoked more and more often to explain observed binaries that do not fit in the standard theory of binary evolution, their evolution is not well understood. Triple evolution is a multi-physics problem in which three-body dynamics is combined with stellar evolution and interactions, but a comprehensive picture of triple evolution is lacking. For this reason, I have developed a new code TRES to simulate the evolution of triples consistently. Using this code, I will assess if and how triples evolve differently from binaries and how important triple evolution is in the formation of (compact) binaries and cataclysmic events. The code will become publicly available; if you're interested in working with it, please send me an email.

Research interests

  • Formation and evolution of binaries and triples
  • Progenitors of Type Ia Supernova and other transients
  • Common-envelope evolution and the stability of mass transfer
  • White dwarfs in interacting and non-interacting binaries
  • Gravitational waves
  • Evolution of stellar clusters, the interplay between stellar evolution and dynamics.

Contact details

toonen (at) uva.nl

Anton Pannekoek Instituut voor Sterrenkunde
University of Amsterdam
P.O.Box 94249
1090 GE Amsterdam

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