Group members

PI Silvia Toonen
Veni-Fellow Jan van Roestel
Marie-Curie Fellow Tomer Shenar
Newton Fellow Yan Gao
Rubicon fellow Valeriya Korol
PhD student Caspar Bruenech
PhD student Floris Kummer
PhD student Andris Doroszmai
MSc student Gabriel Simion
MSc student Adam Parkosidis
MSc student Maitrey Patel
MSc student Tom Konijn
MSc student Sancho Luijten
Former MSc student Sancho Luijten
Former MSc student Cameron Barrett
Former MSc student Samuel Higginbotham
Former MSc student Abbie Nichols
Former MSc student Jake Winter
Former MSc student Karel Temmink
now PhD at Radboud University Nijmegen
Former BSc student Rick Limmen
Former BSc student Diganta Bandopadhyay

Job opportunities

Are you interested in stellar interactions and transients? Come and join us in Amsterdam! Our department is rapidly growing, and we're seeking strong and motivated candidates to join our team. If you are interested in joining or interacting with my group and the department, I encourage you to send me a mail at toonen [at] A few job opportunities are listed below. I'm happy to support and help with the application.

There are options for visits and summer internships as well (see e.g. our ASPIRE program). If you're interested, send me a mail at toonen [at] to discuss the posibilities.

Tips for writing proposals

  • Great seminar given by my former colleague Sera Markoff on "How to apply for stuff".
  • Specifically for the VENI-fellowship, but applicable in general
  • Tips for the early career stage in general by Bryan Gaensler and Sarah Maddison.
Group meeting with Alejandro Vigna Gomez & Karel Temmink visiting

Contact details:

toonen [at]

Silvia Toonen
Anton Pannekoek Institute
University of Amsterdam
Science Park 904
1098 XH Amsterdam
The Netherlands