• Stellar evolution and structure, MSc level, University of Amsterdam
  • Supervision of MSc & BSc student projects, University of Amsterdam


  • Weekly tutoring, University of Birmingham
  • Introduction in Astronomy, Undergraduate Level course, University of Birmingham
  • Lecture in Astrophysical GW sources, Fall school, University of Birmingham
  • Supervision of MSc & summer student projects, University of Birmingham


  • Guest lecture at Dutch Astronomy Olympiad for high school students.
    Title: 'Binary Stars & Gravitational Waves'
  • Supervision of MSc & BSc student projects, University of Amsterdam


  • Guest lecture in 'Compact Object and Accretion', Graduate level course, University of Leiden
  • Supervision of BSc & summer student projects, Leiden University


Head teacher and assistant teacher mathematics at preparation training for final exams at high school. The responsibilities include:

  • Class wide explanation of the subjects and exercise classes
  • Responsibility over 20 to 30 students and 4 to 6 assistants
  • Organisation of 3-day courses and accompanying materials

Contact details:

toonen [at] uva.nl

Silvia Toonen
Anton Pannekoek Institute
University of Amsterdam
Science Park 904
1098 XH Amsterdam
The Netherlands