It is the task of physicists to explain Nature

What's new
Dies mirabilis
Signs of time

The following fields have been studied

The interior of a black hole
Hydrodynamics of Large Scale Structure formation
Neutrino mass and neutrino hot dark matter
Foundations of general relativity
Sub-quantum mechanics
Quantum information theory
Quantum measurement process
Quantum thermodynamics and the Gibbs paradox
Biophysics: DNA adsorption, Molecular motors, Neural networks
Black hole thermodynamics, Black hole information paradox
Gravitation: Globular star clusters
Thermodynamic description of the glassy state
The marriage problem and the fate of bachelors
Spin glasses and Model glasses
Transport of light in strongly scattering media
Interfaces and directed polymers
Lifshitz and Griffiths singularities
Noise in physical systems
Random walks on random lattices
Disordered chains

Topics in thermodynamics
Topics in quantum mechanics
Foundations of special relativity