Escalator Boxcar Train

This is a numerical method to study the dynamics of physiologically structured population models. The basic characteristic of these models is that state concepts are introduced at both the individual and the population level and that model formulation is entirely restricted to individual-level, life history processes. The dynamics of the population simply result from keeping book of all individual-level changes. I developed the EBT package as a numerical tool to analyze these models during the initial years of my scientific career, moving on to applying these models to solve ecological questions later on.

The package provided here includes code that takes care of the general tasks needed for the numerical integration of physiologically structured population models. The user has to add code that defines his/her particular model of interest. In addition, the package contains a graphical user interface that is very useful in running the program and viewing/analyzing its output. The program is developed to run under Mac OS X, Linux as well as Windows XP.