Principal (co-) investigator

fte is the number of PhD students / postdocs in the whole project

Funding Project name Period fte
IIAI AI For Medical Imaging Lab with Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence 2019-2024 7
National Police Police Lab AI with Utrecht University 2018-2023 10
Vivat Fraud Analytics Using Machine Learning, with Christof Monz (IvI) and Vivat Insurance 2018-2023 1
NWO/NICAS VISTORY : A Visual Analytics approach for the Stylistic History of Painting 2016-2020 1
STW Sort-it-Out : Visual Analytics for Multimedia Collections 2013-2017 2
EFP Visual Mining in Forensic Psychiatry 2008-2012 1
NFI Thema Ontsluiting Digitale Sporen 2004-2009 2
EC I-Dash: The investigator's Dashboard 2008-2010
EC ViDiVideo 2007-2010
MultimediaN The Professional's Dashboard 2007-2010
MultimediaN Efficient tracking and tracing 2009 1
MultimediaN The Social Network Dashboard 2008-2009 1
NWO/SION Interactive Exploration of Multimedia Content 1
IOP MMI ImIk: Interactive Exploration of Multimedia Information and Knowledge 2
IOP IP DART: Document Analysis and Recognition Toolkit (with Oce Research) 1
ICES-KIS/Elsevier Image Retrieval in Biomedical Science 1
ICES-KIS/TNO Multimodal Classification of Video Documents
NWO Image Sequence Analysis

Non-principal investigator

  • EU Interreg: SCORE: Smart Cities Open data Re-use (2018-2022)
  • NWO-WOTRO CARPA: Crowdsourcing App for Responsible Production in Africa. (2018-2022)
  • EU: JOLT Harnessing Digital and Data Technology for Journalism (DCU) (2018-2022).
  • NWO Creative Industries: The Sensory Moving Image Archive (SEMIA) Boosting Creative Reuse for Artistic Practice and Research 2017-2018
  • EU ASGARD : Analysis System for Gathered Raw Data 2016-2020. (VICOMTECH)
  • EU: VoxPol : Virtual Center of Excellence fo Research in Violent Online Political Extremism (2014-2018, Dublin City University coordinator)
  • FES: Camera 3D (1-3-2007 / 28-2-2011, Netherlands Forensic Institute, Coordinator)
  • EU: InDiCo: Integrated Digital Conferencing (SISSA Italy, Coordinator)
  • EU: IMAT: Integrating Manuals and Training (SWI, The Netherlands Coordinator)
  • IOP Image Processing: Quantification of human- and animal motion from color image sequences (with Noldus and EagleVision)