Master theses


  • IS: Information Studies
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence
  • EC: Econometrics
  • FS: Forensic Science
  • SNE: System and Network Engineering
  • SE: Software Engineering


  • Karin Griffioen (MBA): Yoga SensAI: Using Artificial Intelligence to provide high-quality and real-time feedback to yoga practitioners
  • Johan van Slooten (MBA): Detecting Fraudulent Insurance Applications Using a Maching Learning Algorithm
  • Guus Schilte (MBA): Improving Anti-Money Laundering Regimes by Utilizing Online Reviews
  • Myrthe Moring (BA-IK): A framework for reducing the discriminative bias in artificial intelligence based recruitment systems.
  • Joris Jonkers (BA-IK): How machine learning can help estimating project margins within a company
  • Jurriaan Besenbruch (MA-IS): Optimizing delivery


  • V.R. Dieduksman (EC): Risk-profile selection bias : what are the effects, and how to correct it?
  • R. Kaspárek (EC): Shilling attacks on recommender systems with implicit feedback
  • S. Kozuch (EC): Price prediction from unstructured data
  • G.W. Mol (MBA): Image recognition of rail insulation joints with convolutional neural networks
  • F. van der Molen (EC): A comparative analysis of classification algorithms on partly structured, multi-class imbalanced data
  • B. Postma (EC): Fine-grained classication of seeds in images


  • N.F. Pot (IS): A Personalized Alternative Flight Recommender Using Collaborative Filtering
  • A. Kakakis (EC): Predicting the county-level adult obesity rate in the United States using linear regression and machine learning models
  • J. Hlousek (EC): Modeling company success on crunchbase with Doc2Vec features
  • T.J.A. van Beerschoten (IS): Towards a General Visualization for Customer Experience


  • Casper Broertjes (IS): Revealing hidden treasures of museums based on public preferences: A case study
  • Marieke van Kouwen (IS): Visualizing change in political influence networks to support journalism
  • Michiel Huizing (IS): Gaining Insight In A City’s Business Climate By Social Multimedia
  • Timur Carpeev (IS): SketchIron: Workflow for Vector-based Sketching
  • Roy Dolleman (IS): Personalized visual analytics in a health care environment
  • Xander Koning (SE): Multimedia Analytics: ontstaan er nieuwe inzichten met intelligente scrollbars bij een scatterplot weergave?
  • V. Glisovic (EC): Forecasting the success of game-apps based on reviews
  • G. Overgoor (EC): Predicting the spatio-temporal popularity of brands using multimodal social media posts
  • Shizhen Tong (IS): Fabric Suggestion: Connecting Social Media And Fabric Providers to Fashion Design Beginners
  • L. van Twillert (ES): The erroneous use of the Haar wavelet transform for stock price prediction
  • S. Wieser (EC): Forecasting the success of Apps based on their visual appearance


  • Ana Vojvodic, User Experience Feedback Dashboards: The Effects of Layered Design on Cognitive and Behavioral Performance
  • Fernando Flores Garcia (AI), Analyzing and Visualizing News Spread based on Images in Social Media Networks
  • Kemal Sutcu (IS), Newsboard: The newspaper as a user interface design metaphor for business intelligence
  • Martin Altmann (IS), Sensemaking in Multimedia Analytics
  • Daniel Tor (IS), Collaborative Visual Analytics in Multi-Disciplinary Health Care Teams
  • Martijn van Heeswijk (EC), Finding nuances between tweets: the Nike Just do it Case
  • Vytautas Jurenas (EC), Automatically measuring brand centrality in user generated contect
  • Athanasios Athanasiadis (IS): Summarizing Trailplots: A Visual Analytics Approach to Facilitate the Analysis of Two Dimensional Temporal Data
  • M. van Heeswijk (EC): Finding nuances between tweets : the Nike Just Do It case


  • Marios Tzakris (AI), A holistic approach for photo-realistic facial expression synthesis based on neural network
  • Cristina Meniuc (IS), A Design Space for Reusability in Asynchronous Collaborative Visual Analytics
  • Ian Dashort (FS), Realibility of Attribute Selection in Forensic Investigation
  • Sammy Odenhoven (IS), Modelling the alignment gap between acadamic and practical information visualization design approaches
  • Cristiano Colacillo (EU Eurasmus), News Spread Analysis: Images from Social Media
  • Jiahui Chen (IS), A framework for achieving transparency in e-commerce data mining research
  • Rene Dekker (IS), Observation-level interaction for dissimilarity based classification


  • Alexis Kalyvitis (SE), Exploring the use of markup and attributes for classifying HTML snippets
  • Melvin van Zomeren (IS), Multimedia Analytics for Categorization in Biodiversity
  • Husnu Tas (FS), Het doorzoeken van grote afbeeldingen-collecties in een forensische context
  • Imre Levering (IS), A visual analytics approach to post-incident surveillance
  • Magreet Riphagen (IS), Supporting reflective learning for daily activities using an interactive dashboard


  • Marcia Fissette (FS), Identification, visualization, and analysis of processes from general ledger data
  • Anze Sendelbah (IS), Gaining Insight by Interacting with Figures in a Collection of Scientific Documents
  • Sybren Wille (IS), A Visual Analytics Approach to Analyzing Geo-Tagged Image Collections
  • Thomas SchermerVoest (SNE), Prededing a digital forensic investigation as a service: Analysis of Job Scheduling Principles and Application of Business Rules
  • Jop van der Lelie, Rory Breuk (SNE), A Visual Analytic Approach for Analyzing Honeypots
  • Gina Doekhie (AI), Audio-Visual Speaker Diarization.
  • Fred Olislagers (IS), The spatiotemporal multivariate hypercube for discovery of patterns in event data.
  • Willem Bressers (IS), Optimizing a web search engine user interface.


  • Patrick Divaccio (AI), Multimedia Categorization for Event Identification in Social Media Collections.
  • Andreas Engl (AI), A Cluster Based Visual Analytics Framework for Browsing Large Image Collections in Digital Forensics.
  • Smeria Camelia (AI), Browsing Image Sets Through Clustering for Digital Forensics In Child Abuse Investigations.
  • Ninghang Hu (AI) co-supervised with H. Bouma, Using Previous Observations to Track People in High Density Crowds.
  • Sander Borsboom (AI) co-supervised with H. Bouma, person matching under large changes in viewpoint and lighting
  • Redmar Kerkhoff (IS), De wereld van online casino's: een interactief overzicht.
  • Benoit Claassen (IS), De wereld van onlin casino's: Automatische Informatie Vergaring op Basis van Open Source Intelligence.
  • Remon van den Bergh (IS), Visualiseren van Emoties in User Generated Content Datastromen op Sociale Netwerksites.
  • Sanja Bankras (IS), Towards a Spreadsheet Approach for Multimedia Analytics.
  • Ian Dashort (FS): Colour Based People Search in Surveillance
  • Moos Hueting (AI): A case study in geometric algebra: Fitting room models to 3D point clouds