Visual data is becoming an integral part of society. For the general public visual data and its sharing through social media has become a way of living and is leading to a new digital culture. Scientists use cameras to record observations as source for scientific discoveries. Criminals have embraced the Internet to distribute illegal and disturbing content. Visual collections and their contextual data potentially contain a wealth of information which can range from scientific discoveries, image demographics, trends, or preferences, to forensic evidence and intelligence. Automatic algorithms are inferior to the human capabilities of identifying visual semantics or subtle patterns. Yet image collections are too voluminous to be processed by humans.

The research in Multimedia Analytics is focused on the integration of Multimedia Analysis, Multimedia Mining, Information Visualization, and Multimedia Interaction into a coherent framework which yields more than its constituent components. Over the years main application areas are semantic video search engines, forensics, and cultural heritage. A new field is in the area of marketing within my part-time affiliation with the Amsterdam Business School.

To read more about my work in data science have a look at my webpage related to my inaugural lecture (in Dutch).

Group Members

Full professors

Associate Professors


Current Phd students

  • Devanshu Arya : Multimedia Analytics for Forensics
  • Gjorgji Strezoski : Visual Analytics for paintings
  • Inske Groenen : Multimedia Analytics for Urban Computing
  • Amir Soleimani : Fraud Analytics
  • Floris Gisolf: Interactive analysis of large scale visual incident data
  • Sarah Ibrahimi : Finding relations in Law Enforcement multimedia data
  • Jia-Hong Huang : Visualizing Topic Threads in News Data
  • Maarten Sukel : AI for the city
  • Andrea Macarulla, forensic evidence (at NFI)
  • Eleni Konstantina Sergidou (at NFI)
  • Jiayi Shen
  • Ivona Najdenkoska
  • Tom van Sonsbeek
  • Thanos Efthimiou (at ABS)
  • Ujjwal Sharma Harnessing multi-modal urban data for intelligent location analytics for retail establishments (at ABS)
  • Robert Bwana (at ABS)
  • Bob Rietveld : Marketing analysis using Social Media (at ABS)

PhD students that received their degree under my full or partial guidance:

  • Gosia Migut: Integration of Machine Learning and Interactive Visualizations for Cognition Friendly Decision Making, Nov 2019 (now at TU-Delft)
  • Ork de Rooij: Interactive Content-Based Visualizations for Multimedia Search, October 2017 (now at Qualcomm)
  • Jan Zahalka The Machine in Multimedia Analytics, July 2017 (now at Czech Technical University)
  • Fangbin Liu: High Performance Adaptive Image Processing on Multi-Scale Hybrid Architectures, Nov 2015, (now at Park Now Group)
  • Dang Trung Kien: Semi-interactive construction of 3D event logs for scene investigation. May 2013
  • Xirong Li: Content-based visual search learned from social media, March 2012, (now at Renmin University, China)
  • Giang Nguyen "Interactive Image Search using Similarity-Based Visualization, December 2006, (now at Track Unit, Denmark)"
  • Laura Hollink "Semantic annotation for retrieval of visual resources, November 2006, (now at CWI)"
  • Cees Snoek "The Authoring Metaphor to Machine Understanding of Multimedia, October 2005, (now at University of Amsterdam)"
  • Andy Bagdanov: "Style Characterization of Machine Printed Text", May 2004, (now at University of Firenze).
  • Jeroen Vendrig: "Interactive Exploration of Visual Content", October 2002, (Canon, now at Prooftec).
  • Tat Hieu Nguyen: "Segmentation of Video Into Spatio-Temporal Objects", march 2001, (now at Boeing)